The One Self - 6 Class Collection

The One Self Teachings is a series of six broadcasts (three sessions each) and gives one of the best overviews of my work through offering an in-depth view of reality, collective consciousness and the human condition. In addition to the mp3s, videos are included of the opening session of each of the six broadcasts. Broadcast five also includes a 95 minute film version created from all three sections called "The Collective Evolution of Human Consciousness". Each broadcast has three sections with the first being like a class where Story speaks from prepared channeled notes and the following sections then being more spontaneous and free flowing using the Gnostic process. The six classes are:

Class One - Creating Humanity: the Gift of Your Life.
Class Two - The Holographic Self.
Class Three - Infinite Love.
Class Four - Forward Into Physicality.
Class Five - The Individual-Collective Relationship.
Class Six - A Consciously Self-Wounding Species.

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Price: $22 each or $99 for all six.

Classes can be purchased individually or as a discounted package. Select a class below for more information or to purchase: