Communicating Across Unconsciousness


20/20 Communicating Across Unconsciousness ran with daily live broadcasts for fifteen days. It is an advanced exploration of living within the polarity of conscious-unconscious. The complete collection runs for over thirteen hours and explores the issues faced by becoming more and more awake in this world due to the particularly high levels of contrast (expressed through unconsciousness).

IMPORTANT: This is a particularly advanced recording that explores abstract multi-dimensional concepts. It is not so much about 'how to wake up'; it is about what to do after waking up. Newer listeners may not therefore relate to some of the issues explored as they will not be experiencing them yet. It is therefore recommended that you have completed several of the 20/20 courses before embarking on this one. In a survey at the end of 2015 this 20/20 was voted the most popular 20/20 Course ever by many long-term listeners, however many newer listeners voted it their least favorite. The advanced content is therefore polarizing with some particularly loving it and other resonating less.

Are you ready to fulfill your potential as a pioneer of consciousness in this world?

The Saturday Sessions (1, 8 and 15) are all extended sessions running for 75 minutes with sessions 8 and 15 being Q&A sessions. All other sessions are 45-60 minutes each. Bonus videos of the three video broadcast sessions (1, 8 & 15) included.

Total running time is 13 hours.

Price: $80