Nothing Opposes You Except Your Fear - A Framework For Everything 5

A Framework for Everything is a new 2019 flagship series of free texts with paid audio expansions that communicates how I conceive of consciousness and reality.

Nothing Opposes You Except Your Fear

There is no force of darkness, lack, separation or judgement that originates outside of the One Self because there is nothing that is not the One Self. When met with this knowing, everything in existence is joyfully met as a meaningful reflection that enhances your perception of the One Self and thereby all existence. This is the core experience that lies at the heart of all realities created through differentiation.

Fear and separation are one evolution of this core experience that allows for a being to imaginatively project ‘what is not’ onto ‘what is’ such that it may be experienced as if it were ‘what is’. This quality is created through unconsciousness which adds a new dimension of infinite possibility to the design of all creation.

To choose to experience fear is to suppress information about what you wish to fear such that you experience at least one quality of it as unknown. A fear-based idea is then creatively projected onto this unconsciousness, such that a negative meaning is attached to it. This judgmental belief causes you to experience it as both different and separate from what you are and a sense of righteousness is felt (which then maintains the fear-based separation). Anything that appears to be against you can only ever be the reflection of your own self-chosen fears. These can be identified by looking at your mental judgments and feelings of blame, victimhood and righteousness.

To understand the One self is to know that there is no one else to blame because everything you experience is the product of your own creation. Your personal reality is the reflection of your personal application of the one will. To reject this idea is not only to deny what you are judging about the reflection before you, but is also to deny that the reflection that you are being resistant to only exists because you (the One Self) designed the human experience to be this way. To oppose any quality of the human experience is to fearfully oppose the fearlessness of your own self-design.

Focus is the choice about what, out of everything in existence, you wish to be most aware of. Focus is the intended response of an individuated self to a differentiated environment. Fear is an extension of the act of focus that further evolves the perception of differentiation within a reality.

Fear inverts the positive-feeling desire to focus on what most excites you and turns it into a negative-feeling desire to avoid what you identify as being most opposed to you. To separate something from you in this way requires you to suppress your knowing of connection by making it unconsciousness. This then creates a space for something unknown upon which fear-based ideas can be projected. All such projections are reflections of a way in which you fear your Self.

For example, the fear of death is birthed through creating ignorance (unconsciousness) around death, thereby transforming it into a point of blindness (unknown) onto which a fear-based idea that death is a mistake is projected. The fact that we fear death is evidence that we do not understand it. When seen clearly death is understood to be no more than the self-chosen process that marks our desire to change form.


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