Knowing Guidance - A Framework For Everything 7

A Framework for Everything is a new 2019 flagship series of free texts with paid audio expansions that communicates how I conceive of consciousness and reality.

Knowing Guidance

With nothing external to it, the only thing the One Self can ever perceive is itself. This means that all perception is equivalent to looking in a mirror. The outer world reflects back to us what we are through a lens of diversity that we have (through selective focus) honed into a form of space-time mirror.

The human experience is one such form of divisive mirror through which the One Self has come to experience a highly evolved and specialized form of individuality. The depth of separation within humanity has led to a particularly deep tapestry of meanings through which the One Self expresses profound individuality, separation and reflection. How you have been expressed as a human life in this incredible tapestry of meaning is the clearest and most relevant information available to you as to the intention behind the conception of your current life. This is to understand your individuated Self (you) as a message from the One Self.

If there must be a purpose to life, it is to be yourself. There is no sense of mission as this is achieved through merely existing. No life can fail, for the experience of it is always the next step in answering the questions that formed it. In the unconsciousness of human form we have no way of fully comprehending all the feeling-based ideas we each came to experience.

Even though you cannot fail to be yourself, there remains a sense of being ‘more yourself’ or ‘less yourself’ that is felt as a quality or dimension to life. When you approach life with the desire to completely ‘be yourself’ (in relation to the contrasting environment you have created), then you will feel an inner-guidance calling you towards what excites you. This will however be overlaid with the emotional charge of any fear-based history that is present within your reaction. The evolution of both feeling and choosing to act upon this inner guidance is the primary tool you have given yourself to suggest the potential paths of transformation that will most powerfully reflect your intention. To live within the intention of your Self is to live within joy.

Guidance refers to an inner feeling-based sensation of direction that arises through perception. It can be experienced in many subtle ways, but at their core they all represent a pulling of focus towards something that feels exciting. This stream of feeling-based information has become masked by the stream of fear-based mental information that overlays it within our perception.

The meaning of life is simply ‘to be’ and that is to experience the reflection of life that you have selected through your intention to experience. This intention is always fulfilled as it is a choice to experience rather than an outward goal to achieve something.

The guidance you feel within a life is not an instruction being sent to you by something external. It is the result of a feeling-based perception of the most potent potentials before you within your navigation of the Infinite Matrix. This feeling-based perception is often called our sixth sense. This sense does not rationalize from a state of knowledge. It is the knowing of the actual feeling of your Self within the reality of each future potential it is responding to.


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