Deconstructing Reality

Adventure in Consciousness Three: Deconstructing Reality

"To be honest I'm not exactly sure what happened but it sure does feel incredible!" - Ellen

"It was a channel for the bravest of the brave." - Robert

This is one of Story's more 'out there' adventures and is recommended for those who are already familiar with the work.

Part 1 - My Transformation of Identity (44 mins)
In this opening Bridging Space Story, in an exceptionally jovial mood, talks about his personal experiences that led to the creation of this event and what happened for the broadcast to be moved from December to January. This discussion beautifully sets the scene and emotionally prepares you for the two potent channels that follow.

Part 2 - The Fear Fall (67 mins)
The Fear Fall is a journey into the line of consciousness that separates the conscious from the unconscious within you. After first addressing the nature and purpose of fear itself, Story explains why you do not need to fear facing your fears. He then introduces a brand new concept of your energy field being like a deck of cards that you deal your way through. This then leads to understanding the regular moments of choice we all continually have, where we choose what fears we still carry, but remain unconscious of. The choice is then yours. This is the revelation of how to make the unconscious conscious, both fear of insanity and suicide are used as examples of the types of fears we tend to keep unconsciousness. Do you want to take the fear fall?

Part 3 - Fyre Death Walk Two (74 mins)
In Story's second Death Walk (see Nov'11 for the first) you are taken on an experiential journey into your feelings and beliefs about the 'other side' in a way that some may find confrontational. What do you really believe is waiting for you on the 'other side'? Are you carrying fears about what is awaiting you? This revelatory journey then continues as Story deconstructs the definitions of spirituality to give a glimpse into the freedom, fluidity and sense of identity that awaits you on the other side of the veil. This potent experience holds you within the veil itself, looking in both directions and revealing the feelings you carry about both life and death.

Live Audience Feedback:
"I was left practically speechless after Adventures in Consciousness 3, I felt a part of my identity fall away and a sense of calmness and clarity come over me like I have never felt before … this broadcast was the most powerful I've ever experienced" - Carla

"Nothing compares to you! :)" - Katrin

"What a fantastic broadcast, I loved his energy!" - Kathy

"Marvelous broadcast! I am so surprised that after 9 years that you have not become world renowned and rich & famous." - Ross

"What I want to convey is that I was humbled at least twice by today's message regarding unconscious fears, which I was pretty sure I had handled already…. I feel so blessed by this experience!" - Peggie

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around what just happened. My body is still buzzing with profound energy. I do know that something has shifted and this was probably one the most deeply experiential potent adventures ever. I went 'there' but was still here and that was the brilliance." - Carla

"This was AMAZING!! Absolutely amazing : ) Thank you Story <3 :D I can face anything. Anything!" - Eva

"Thanks so much, it left me with so much happiness and such a sense of joy. It's a little difficult just coming back into my body." - Karen

Running time: 3 hours.

Price: $40