I Can Create Anything

A highlight from this retreat.

Adventures in Consciousness Four.

The 'I Can Create Anything' Realization.
Probable Selves and Swapping Timelines!

This Joshua Tree retreat recording is an incredible journey into multi-dimensionality and the experience of our other 'probable' selves that co-exist with us (see section titles below). This leads to the powerful realization of your total freedom to create anything you can imagine and believe in.

Session 1) I Created The Earth. (73 mins)
Session 2) The Spells of Creation. (99 mins)
Session 3) The ‘Meet Your Probable Selves’ Exercise. (80 mins)
Session 4) How to Change Timelines. (79 mins)
Session 5) Meditation with Roger Hanson. (50 mins)
Session 6) ‘Traversing the Probable Crowd of You’ Exercise. (73 mins)
Session 7) The ‘I Can Create Anything’ Realization. (77 mins)
Session 8) Questions and Answers + Closing Message. (80 mins)

Total running time: 10 hours.

Price: $39.

Audience Testimonials

“So much happened and I’m still trying to process everything...”

“Totally amazing. Wow, can't wait to hear it again - with a pause button :)”

“LOVED this. This was one of the most well-timed and powerful channels yet.”

“Again I'm sat with a big smile, feeling joy streaming through me.“

“My experience at Joshua Tree was nothing short of miraculous! There are so many highlights it is difficult to choose just one! Over the course of the weekend I experienced places and feelings I could have never have imagined with the most prevalent being a sense of Freedom! I see the game and I feel confident in how I can now play it - to me that is FREEDOM!”

This was one of my most comprehensive seminars/broadcasts yet, with over eight and a half hours of channeling plus a Q&A and Roger Hanson's meditation. This is probably as much as the entire Awakening into Freedom Consciousness five month journey all in one weekend!

What was so amazing was how everything came together in the part-seven channel that gives this fourth Adventure in Consciousness its name. This was, in my opinion, one of the most stunningly direct experiences of freedom and spirit that I have ever delivered. During the channel the veil felt like a faint threshold you could just step over, and I felt as if the line between life and death was gone. Many audience members reported an experience of freedom beyond anything that they had ever realized. This was a direct experience that culminated out of a powerful series of both informational and experiential channels.

The theme for the weekend was exploring our probable selves (past, future and present), which are ‘other versions’ of us that made different choices. This was done in many different ways through playing with the concept in multidimensional space. Audience members reported particularly vivid experiences playing out like animations before them.

“Doing the exercise with the photos caused a big release in me … the experience feels like permission to release that sadness.”

“I started to look at the photo with eyes that had not seen a human before. I was already quite far off and I remember thinking ‘what a beautiful being’, which kind of surprised another part of me since I never look at myself as beautiful, so I really looked at myself with other eyes. “

“To see me now from the perspective of another life was amazing.”

It was this continual extension of both the concept and experience of Self that became the foundation for the closing revelation where audience members directly experienced themselves as spirit - the state in which you are confronted with the shocking, infinite, ultimate, life-changing KNOWING that you can indeed create ANYTHING. I understand that you may think you already know that. I certainly thought I did. But there is a huge difference between the intellectual understanding and the direct experience, and this recording, for those already familiar with my concepts, IS the direct experience.

“I feel so much gratitude for the beautiful, concise, highly visual and magnificently helpful messages.”
“Stunning - the energies were buzzing and burning in my crown chakra, still feel them. At times I disappeared in the energies. This is changing me, my perception, my creation, my realization of who I am.”

“I remember when we looked at our possible future selves, there was one woman that was really radiant. She was so beautiful, standing in her divine feminine power, surrounded by kids. I just adored her, and asked her, “Can you please help me to be you?” And she asked “I am already doing that”. And then I got the vision, that the thing I see in the corner of my eye, when I get guidance, is her... My future self guiding myself... So fascinating to experience this multidimensionality. “

“The exercise that was most memorable to me in the Adventures broadcast was the one where I looked at a current photo of myself alongside a past photo taken at the time of a choice point. While looking at the older photo and remembering the choice, I began crying. I felt what I understood to be the sadness and loss that came with the choice she made, the sadness I've carried with me since then. I sent a comment about the experience to the broadcast page and Story read my comment. His reply has completely changed how I perceive my experience and may be what has left me a little unhinged at the moment because I saw the truth in what he said...that the sadness I've carried is actually felt from the other strand of life.”

“From the infinite love I am experiencing in my heart. I cannot find words, I can barely type these, to express how this togethering-day has impacted me.”

Total running time: 10 hours.

Price: $39.