Awakening Into Freedom Consciousness

Awakening Into Freedom Consciousness is five broadcasts covering five key stages of awakening to your wider state of consciousness / spirit and includes an accompanying eBook (24,000 words) with articles.

The series is a great place to start and covers the central themes of my work with a five stage journey through RELEASE, LOVE, OPENNESS, RECEIVING & AWAKENING.

Includes remastered videos, mp3s and printable pdf eBook. Watch an introductory video below.

Original promotional video created from the first broadcast.


Stage 1) Release Your Pain.
Message 1) Seeing The Big Picture. Why you are here on Earth. (53 mins)
Message 2) Revealing Exercises - Revealing unworthiness shame and sacrifice, Changing the Experience of Physical Pain, Healing the past. Resolving the Future. (65 mins)
Message 3) Releasing Everything – Grounding Exercise. (35 mins)
The journey begins with the clearing of emotional baggage and energetic wounds (whether that be past pains or currently reoccurring patterns). Despite being the opening of the journey, this will be the toughest stage for many as Story leads you to see the pain you are carrying such that you can make the conscious choice to release it and clear your energy field, such that you are not blocked to the stages that follow.

Stage 2) Loving What Is.
The second stage of the journey is about coming to not let go of your resistance to the current state of your life such that you can see it with clarity from the empowered perspective of your spirit. This clears the way for you to enter into the joy of the Now (enjoying the journey rather than focusing on a destination) where you see the perfection of this beautiful reality and your birth-choice to be here.

Stage 3) Open Your Being.
To exist in the Now moment, without resistance or energetic block, is to take your foot of the brake that holds so many people from achieving their dream. You are then entering a state of openness which comes through not trying to control your reality such that you are an open conduit to the strong flow of change that exists when you are fully open to living in the fully realized present - the Now. This is to let go of the holding onto the riverbed such that you are picked up into the flow of life; it is to ride the wave!

Stage 4) Receive Abundance.
Now that you are feeling safe and have put down your defenses, it is time to receive the gifts of this world. Abundance is our natural state, but many have become separated from it by the way that society conditions us to struggle through limited thinking. Using powerful energetic exercises Story will open you to feel your natural state of abundance and flow such that through the law of attraction you can open yourself to live the dream in your heart.

Stage 5) Awaken Your Life.
Now that you are fully engaged with reality, such that you are in the open flow of your spirit, Story will share with you the gifts of being awake in this world and the wider Source perspective of what you are doing here, what your life is about and how you can fulfill your highest potential. To awaken to the illusion of physical reality is not to leave it; it is to come to live in the paradise of effortless flow and expansion. This message will solidify and crown the journey as you step into being an awakened conscious creator.

Original 2011 Invitation from Story to the five month course:
"This five month journey is the largest of my teaching career in terms of its scope, its duration, and the depth of its conception. I am very excited to put the heart of my work into sharp focus such that you can actively transform your life through your participation. I ask for all that join me to commit wholeheartedly to this journey as, rather than the lighter touch of the last couple of years, I intend to push you to invite the life altering change that Freedom Consciousness brings. This is why your commitment to the journey is important as I will assume that all that participate are asking for this push, and I am excited to give it. With this kind of work it is all too easy for it to become a bubble of belief that you occasional step into but that has minimal application to your everyday life. Freedom Consciousness is something the changes your whole reality and to open yourself to it is therefore to invite it into the whole of your reality. As zen and harmonious as the feeling of spirit can be, it also possesses powerful flows of revelation and transformation. The Now is as deafeningly loud as it is complete silence. This isn't about effort or hard work, but it is about the courage to let go of your blocks, comfort blankets, and baggage as well as the fearlessness to let go of control and be swept up into the potency of the divine flow of the Now. It takes guts and commitment to really change, and change is what I am offering - a focused, intensive portal to change your life through the awakening process. Meet me with your commitment to awaken, transform and expand and, as a collective group that connects through the power of the live broadcasts, we will take a journey into Freedom Consciousness together like never before."

Running Time: 9+ hours plus 24,000 word eBook.