Bridge to the Universal Gameboard

Adventures in Consciousness Two
Bridge to the Universal Gameboard
"The Alien Self is no more than then Unmet Self"

Adventures in Consciousness 2 - A Bridge to the Universal Gameboard (AKA The one about aliens). Are you ready to open to the wider universal reality of inter-dimensional light beings, ETs, and UFOs? If you are then this is the recording for you! Discover how the Earth is surrounded by an enormous wealth of loving support from our universal family. Story starts in part 1 with his own personal (and emotional) story of 'coming to believe' before launching into two channeled sections.

Session 1) - Coming to Believe. (72 mins)
Session 2) Seeing (not being) the Dark. (67 mins)
Session 3) The Earth Story and the Present Shift. (88 mins)

Total running time: 222 minutes.

Price: $40.