Class One - Creating Humanity


In the first of the One Self Teaching live monthly 3-part classes Story starts with one of his most comprehensive one hour overviews of the teachings he has ever given. This is followed by two messages that look at the gift of this life (including linear time) and the importance of fantasizing. All three sections are included in Mp3 audio format along with an image file of diagrams used. Additionally you will also receive a bonus video download of part 1 of the class.

Part One - Introduction to The One Self Teachings - 80 mins.
Part Two - The Heart of Source Consciousness - 46 mins.
Part Three - The Intention to Create Fantasy - 44 mins.
Running Time: 170 mins.

Class One Audience Testimonials

"Probably because of my life-long issues with "control", after the "warm-up" of the first two sessions, I found the 3rd aspect of this class to be a powerful letting-go experience for me. As Story voiced the message about releasing fears and insecurities, I experienced myself as a large, pale blue helium balloon floating carelessly upward in the sky. I saw Earth receding as the sun peeked around some beautiful, fluffy clouds gathering off to my left. It was such a peaceful and beautiful experience of harmony and unity. Thank you so much, Story, for allowing yourself to be a vessel of so much love and light into this world. Letting-go of control and attachment is so much easier now as I choose to focus my attention on the peaceful experience of my balloon-self!"

"I experienced the class as a seamlessly evolving progression that, in retrospect, formed a perfect whole. I loved the tying together of so many concepts in the first section, and the way that launched the heart opening of the second and then the free fall of flight down the rabbit hole"

" loved the flow of the three sessions. I loved it all - I really appreciated thinking of the many selves I have already been, you cleared up my confusion about future self using the marble image ( i had always felt existence of future self negated freedom of choice), and I resonated with the importance of beliefs. I have had more than a decade of creating beautiful abundance with Esther & Jerry & Abraham, but I had to work hard to ignore so much of life around me and keep away from aspects of myself that are not so abundant. Story & Roger, these resources are helping me so much to look at this in new ways whilst still feeling the same kind of connection and love"

"I'm so happy to be part of this. And I had the privilege of participating live. The image of the marble block, the same marble block that we all sculpt to our own shape, the marble block that contains the possibility of any shape, had me so captivated that the day after the class I saw the block around every person I met during the day. It was both fascinating and a bit stunning.  I decided to feel into my own shape and play with changing areas of visibility from that perspective - a rather intense experience. I then faced judgments within myself thru vivid dreams the next night and the next day released some fears and forgave aspects of myself that I had judged. The night after that I had another vivid dream where all the persons I interacted with, of different genders and origin, we're me, had my face. A strange experience. And then today I've very actively noted how every person I see is uniquely his/her own being, each a unique expression of self. What a miracle we give ourselves."

"Well complete and so simple. It really does make total sense and knocks off the sharp corners that make people bristle from a personal belief that is ingrained withing them. I always believed the whole hing had to be rather simple yet complex to make it seem flawless..."

"I felt the transparency within the last broadcast so strongly. Its the weirdest feeling, as if I felt story being exposed, and not just by being up on stage alone with no script in front of a filled audience, but because there was mum with a wooden spoon spanking you on the bottom for being afraid and then as quickly as we all tried to hid our grins, next thing you know we are all up on there in story place one by one getting our butts spanked. It was ceremonial. And freeing. And perfect. Happy to be apart of this flow! Much Love."