Class Four - Forward Into Physicality

A Masterclass in Collective Consciousness

This is the fourth One Self Teachings Class and Story delivers one continuous message across all three sections. Story opens with the realization that what we call channeling is just conscious access to a state of collective consciousness that at the widest level is the One Self. In the second section the relationship between physicalization, individuality and collective consciousness is explored. This culminates in the final section which explains how our direction of growth is 'Forward/Outward into Physicality'.

All three sections are included in Mp3 audio format. Additionally you will also receive a bonus video download of part 1 of the class.

Part One - Humanity Is A Collective Consciousness - 57 mins.
Part Two - Collective Consciousness through Physicalization - 57 mins.
Part Three - Forward Into Physicality - 57 mins.
Total Running Time: 171 mins