Class Three - Infinite Love

Are you ready to experience love without agenda?

This is the third One Self Teachings Class and, instead of the usual format, delivers one continuous message across all three sections. This profound message offers an invitation to the highest experiences of love in this world - love without agenda. All three sections are included in Mp3 audio format. Additionally you will also receive a bonus video download of part 1 of the class.

Part One - Infinite Love 1 - 59 mins.
Part Two - Infinite Love 2 - 52 mins.
Part Three - Infinite Love 3 - 43 mins.
Running Time: 154 mins

Infinite Love Audience Testimonials

"After listening live, it was like I had amnesia - no memory of the course. I got the alzheimers. Picked it back up again to re-listen and was mesmerized but with total recall. The two points and the movement between each from within our own point of relativity. My favorite concepts - "you cannot cheat the quality"- and "the well traveled heart". It helped validate my recent feelings of giving up control of the oars of my life and see it as a choice. It is a choice but felt like one forced upon me since it was the way which had opened up. The phrases Love is always the Answer and Love is all there is have taken on new meanings. Anyway, loooooved it and so very helpful."

"Story, that was a very powerful...  moving ...heart centered and Heart felt channel....was glad to be able to listen live for the first two and the third session on Sunday.   Infinite LOVE is the cement of the can be the only core element to keep this whole production going on every judgement or recrimination..jealousies or pettiness or smallness of spirit. When you combine it with the added term ofChrist Consciousness (which embodies all teachers of Universal wisdom knowledge and insight) it makes everything right. How else could such magnificent complexity work so seemlessly. I am so pleased to have embarked on this chosen path of awakening to my more aware self..though I have only had glimpses here and there. But my heart has always confirmed the reality of such possibilities as has science and new truths being discovered constantly and ancient mysteries being revealed even in my life time..."

"That October Broadcast just ROCKED on so many levels... Class 3 was just mind blowing..and fantastic..."

"I loved it!  I like the John energy.  I went back and listened to that series of channels in early 2014 and was surprised how many of the quotes from Story's work that have always stuck with me came from those 2 channels of John and Hektr.  I'm not one for the bliss/kumbaya always leading things. Overall this months series of channels gave me the best understanding of what a collective consciousness is and how it came to be.  And, it simplified my view of the path forward as being one of bringing my heart (who I AM) into this world and experiencing it from here.  If I think of Story's metaphor of the block of granite and we magically make most of it invisible to come here, for me it feels like my heart has been made invisible.  What there is of it has woken me up and led me here, but its time to bring more of it in. One of Story's tale's that always stuck with me was him talking about interacting with other teachers and people.  If there is any rub or issue present he goes straight to it and kicks it and pulls it forward.  Not on purpose, but as a part of what he is this just happens.  Fear of that sort of thing is what the wall around my waterfall is made of."