Embracing The Momentum Of Your Self - Shards of Light 4

This inspirational Shards of Light recording—delivered by Seth—is one of most succinct encapsulations of the heart of my message that believe I have ever channeled. It spans ideas of following your heart, not being pulled into polarized perception, choosing from love rather than fear, and courageously being yourself.

Transcription of free highlight.

As long as you reject that which you do not understand, as long as you do not seek to open yourself to the viewpoints of that which opposes you, you will be polarized. You will be only half of what you are. The awakened one is one that loves all. And that is to love the all inside of yourself. And that is one who flies and falls, goes left and right, up and down, heavy and light, dark and light. One that knows that they are the whole palette but understands equally that within that palette that are human.

You are human. You are an intention to be human. And to be hearing these words you are coming to a place where you have been through the wounds, you have been through the darkness, and that does not mean it will not touch you again; it means that darkness is a battle you do not need to fight.

Loving this world starts with loving yourself. Love yourself to love this world. Love this world to transform it. See this world with love. See all in this world with love to transform it. Those of you that are healers, those of you that wish to bring healing, bring the light that is all light. Bring the light that is the rainbow. Bring the light that is not polarized. Bring the light that is not light that stands against dark. Bring the light that is light. The light that is the flow. The one flow. The one energy.

Darkness is an illusion. Darkness is the absence of light and that absence of light comes through unconsciousness. And that unconsciousness is experienced as fear. Fear is that which hides light. All are light. Fear is that which hides light.

The battle is not against ignorance or those that are called ignorant; the battle is against fear and the only place you can face fear is inside yourself. Face your fear. This is why I encourage you to not fear fear. You release fear by no longer fearing fear.

See those that appear ignorant clearly by seeing their fear. For when you see their fear you will not see them as other, you will not see them as separate and ignorant, you will see them as beings in fear.

And, when you understand they are in fear, and that they are not being driven by some nefarious force of darkness, then you will see that they are just loving beings in fear and you will be able to love them—then you will discover the compassion, the compassion of the awakened one, the compassion of the open heart that sees that all the ills in the world come from fear.

To do this you must know your own fear first. You must come to free yourself from your own fears. For fears are that which causes blindness. Fears are that which cause polarization and separatism. Transform yourself to transform the world. Transform your fears to be yourself.

You were created from love. You were created with love. You are an expression of love. Love yourself to be yourself, to be love. Love yourself to love this world. Love this world to be in the joy of what you are—the joy of your intention to be. Love to be what you are. Be what you are by loving.


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