Freedom Circles Collection 1 - Empowerment Series

Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The Empowerment Series
Collection 1 - Dec 2009 to Apr 2010.

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This first collection contains the first five broadcasts (circles) that aired from December 2009 to April 2010.

Each broadcast is two sessions, usually with the main message in the first session followed by a question and answer (Q & A) session using Freedom Circle member submitted questions. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 1 - Dec 2009 - Be In Your Element
Be In Your Element was the first of the Freedom Circle monthly broadcasts. In the first half Story leads a journey into how to choose 'being in your element' as a realization of joy and freedom. He does this against the mirror of his own life and the choices he is making at this time - an intimate and personal journey into further loving yourself and receiving the gift of joy. In the second half Story takes audience questions, reflecting people's energy back to them through his unique perspective, whilst opening the question to discuss its universal issues that affect as all. Questions include: hearing 'messages' from spirit, coping with feeling in meltdown, enhancing your physical healing abilities, expressing a preference in creation and change, and grounding energies.

Circle 2 - Jan 2010 - Shadow Clearing
Story leads a powerful energetic invocation to release your inner shadows (whether they be wounds, resistance or fears) so that you can fully spread your wings and shine! The message includes a focus on further embracing your physical body and a chakra merging exercise. This is a spell-like calling to both clear and unify your energy field with many audience members reporting powerful shifts. Through this release of the inner compartmentalization of your being you are invited to stand in wholeness, as All That You Are. Engaging this journey is to invite significant change and healing into your life. Audience submitted questions include: dealing with other people's energy being in your field both with individuals and in public situations, not feeling supported by those around you in your spiritual beliefs, what is a demon/possession?, a daughter wanting to help her father with regret and guilt about the past, are we always the cause of our own dreams not manifesting?, the difference between new energy and pure awareness, and what is the mind and how does it relate to the heart.

Circle 3 - Feb 2010 - I Alone
I Alone is a two part journey into embracing your individuality, your difference, your embodiment and your amazing uniqueness. By releasing the association of pain with being different this is both an empowering and healing recording. It focuses on releasing wounds around isolation, alienation and loneliness by stepping into the realization of just how amazing the uniqueness of your chosen perspective within this reality is. Through firing up the courage to stand alone this message of self-empowerment carries a powerful gift to embrace this life and live in freedom. In part one Story speaks from his Universal Self as he leads the journey into understanding what being different is, what this reality is, and what it is to stand apart from the mass consciousness program. Within this is the invitation to open to a new level of self-realization and release past blocks and wounds laid down from being different. The key here is a shift of perspective on what being different actually is, to adopt this is to embrace All That You Are. Part two starts with story speaking about his own experiences in this area. This is then followed by Story answering audience submitted questions, including opening back up to connect with the world having kept yourself separate (for which Story leads a mini-energy walk to engage connecting), how to open yourself to new energy relationships that are fulfilling and connect with All That You Are, fear of oneness arising out of a psychedelic drug experience (for which Story speaks of the nature of Source and the birth of illusion), and feeling cut off from people through the energetic gift of seeing their shadow sides.

Circle 4 - Mar 2010 - Law of Attraction 101
Story opens the broadcast by drawing a beautiful and visceral picture of how we are each source energy emerging into physicality, conveying why it is so extraordinary to be a human. He then strips back the details and focus on definition from the Law of Attraction to take you to the heart of what it means. This is done through a journey to the core of your being - feeling the joy of your spirit in your heart center and radiating that into reality. By letting go of the definitions and focusing on feeling good, you can transform your life and release the patterns and programs that hold you from that joy and abundance of your spirit. The message includes a specific exercise to be carried out over a one month period to show you how the Law of Attraction can change your life. Audience questions in part two include: The effect of ancestral and hidden blueprints on manifestation, ego getting in the way of manifestation, use of gratitude diaries in law of attraction, what is enlightenment, the journey from mind to heart, money and the law of attraction.

Circle 5 - Apr 2010 - Freedom From Pressure
'Freedom from Pressure' is a two part recording, opening with Story leading an energetic exploration of the ways in which you feel pressure in your life and how to transform that relationship to fully experience your innate gift of freedom. In part two Story answers audience submitted questions. Pressure is not something that arises from something being done 'to you'. It is a force that arises from your beliefs about your reality and, as such, is a form of relationship that is unique to you. People do not experience pressure in the same way, and the pressure imprints that you experience are unique and intimate descriptions of some of the ways that you interact with the world. You have the power to change these relationships to free yourself from the experience of pressure. This recording provides a powerful key to free yourself from the pressures within this world. Audience questions in part two include: Waking up and the morphing of duality, being hospitalized, fear of freedom/letting go of control, being an alien in this world, integrating difficult aspects, body image and the media, karma and the law of attraction.

Running time: 8+ hours.

Price: $22.