Freedom Circles Collection 10 - Push The Button


Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The Push The Button Series
Collection 10 - Apr 2013 to July 2013

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This tenth collection contains the broadcasts (circles) than aired from April 2013 to July 2013 which is called the 'Push The Button' Series as this series contains the 'Push The Button' broadcast that triggered Seth's overt emergence into Story's life. The sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 52 - Apr 2013 - The Energy Body Spring Clean: making choices through imagining answers
This was an additional bonus broadcast for April 2013 and was a powerful energetic spring clean for you and your energy body! It can be fun to go off exploring multi-dimensional ideas and concepts, but in this special broadcast that is put aside as SunSon takes you through some key areas of your life for an energetic tune-up with a strong focus on not forgetting the fundamentals of being aware of your energy body and the feeling of your inner reality.

Spring Clear Participant feedback: "Wow, what an incredible broadcast! I felt like I was hit by an energetic freight train! What an awesome experience! Being a part of the live broadcast is so special. It is such an exhilarating experience, I can't recommend it highly enough! Thanks to you again Story for the giving of your time and energy. I am deeply grateful!" - "Beautiful, loving, emotional, powerful, transformational as always. Exactly what I needed after feeling like the walking dead these past few weeks. Spring has sprung! Loving thanks to you Story. Namaste." - "That I can change the world with my imagination is so great. Focusing on my joy is then clearly such a gift." - "Not fearing my fear. I am a shining light, I choose to shine :) I had not realized that my imagination is so powerful."

Circle 53 - Apr 2013 - Transitioning into the 5th Dimension: creation through choosing your beliefs
For those looking to start living as a new human now, this broadcast offers great insights and practical information on the evolution that our belief systems are undergoing in our journey from the third to fifth dimensions. This broadcast was led by the writers in SunSon who, with delightful expression and a little humor, outline the role of the belief system in the creation of your reality. The deeper realization is then that you are not at the mercy of your beliefs and you can be a deliberate creator through consciously evolving your beliefs. Other topics include the release of limiting beliefs that you have taken on through your past history, the release of beliefs, how beliefs affect your focus, and the space/continuum for experience that beliefs create. This broadcast includes two substantial channels (2hrs 20mins) followed by a questions and answers sections (40 mins).

5th Dimension Live Participant Feedback: "I absolutely loved every minute of this broadcast. I would say it was one of my favourites. What a thrill!" - "The last broadcast was like one big smile :) This joyful energy just radiates through everything we have discussed and binds it all together. I realised that a spiral shift has really taken place and something new has begun. Thank you!" - "My head is tingling and brain cells are buzzing from the channel. This was an incredible new way of perceiving the role of beliefs in this game we play." - "This is a great feeling. Magical, mystical, monumental, intriguing, unfolding, creative, amazing and FUN." - "This was a great afternoon and EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you!"

Circle 54 - May 2013 - The 'Release of Compromise / Push the Button' Incantation Exercise
AKA The Can of Whoopass recording Important: contains extensive use of the F-word.

From right out the gate this was not a typical broadcast as Story described going in blind, with no idea of what the broadcast was about except for a feeling that it was connected to a 'push the button / jump of the cliff' choice that he had made following on from the Joshua Tree Adventures in Consciousness broadcast two weeks earlier. In the part 1 bridging space Story speaks candidly about what has unfolded in him since the Joshua Tree broadcast in regards to his own experience of freedom and the John Lennon imprint he carries, as well as his relationship with his audience and the question of how much they need him to conform to the role of a spiritual teacher. The part 2 channel then opens with a potent energy that some may recognize from previous 'Adam Fyre' recordings - notable for its direct, passionate, fiery nature. This then sets the scene for the 'release of compromise / push the button' exercise which is one of the most powerful incantations that SunSon has ever offered. As the fiery energies of the exercise calm they are then replaced by the delicate and sweet 5th dimensional tones that Story has named Elliot which bring this extraordinary channel to a close, reflecting both the humor and simplicity of the awakened reality we are each birthing into. The part 3 mp3 then brings it all together with Story answering questions submitted by audience members during the broadcast, as well as by giving his own reflection on this notably different broadcast. Not one for beginners, and not one to be missed if you want what is certainly a quintessentially 'Story' experience.

Circle 55 - June 2013 - Beyond Belief: Being The Bridge
In Part 1 Story delivers the main message for the month, before moving on in part 2 to briefly discuss the new idea of the Bridge Amplification (first 11 minutes) followed by his recounting of the previous month's broadcast and Seth. In a brief part 3 (appendix) Story relays a story that is truly Beyond Belief.

Circle 56 - July 2013 - Transmission from the Threshold of Awakening
This landmark broadcast opens with a substantial channel on the experience of meeting your spirit at the point of awakening/enlightenment - where you discover yourselves to be the same/one. This message is important for breaking down ideas of what awakening is, leading to the realization that when you awaken it will be a single step in your journey. In part 2 Story gives his most intimate and personal questions and answers session ever. Live audience members were asked what they would ask Story if they could only ask one question on any subject. In this responses Story reveals his own personal challenges and dreams at this significant point in his life. Part 3 was initially billed as an opening to the 'unboxed' energies as Story felt that something special/unusual was going to come through. What emerged was one of his shortest and most fascinating channels as Set (energetically connected to Seth, Thoth and Hermes) emerged at the very threshold of awakening itself to deliver - Awakening: The Small Print. Not at all what Story was expecting, but clearly a logical conclusion to The Bridge of Consciousness.

Running time: 11.5 hours

Price: $40