Freedom Circles Collection 2 - Clarity Series

Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The Loving Clarity Series
Collection 2 - May 2010 to Sept 2010.

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This second collection contains the second five broadcasts (circles) that aired from May 2010 to September 2010.

Each broadcast is two sessions, usually with the main message in the first session followed by a question and answer (Q & A) session using Freedom Circle member submitted questions. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 6 - May 2010 - Love Through Intimacy
In Love through Intimacy Story takes you on a journey deep into the energy and realization of what the true potential of intimacy can be. This includes intimacy with the Self, completely letting another in, the spiritual experience of the world falling away when connecting with another, being without censorship, how unique secrecy in human incarnate form is, how love and awakening are the same, union with another, unconditional love, sovereignty within relationships, sharing your desire, and much more. In part two Story answers audience questions including not wanting to get married / not needing commitment in love, staying in sexual energy longer through masturbation techniques, how to know if you should stay in a relationship or leave, archetypes coming up within relationships, the letting go of definition and letting your dream in, and asking questions from the heart.

Circle 7 - June 2010 - - May 2010 - Seeing Others Clearly
Story opens this recording by talking about the very nature of this reality itself and who we are in relation to Source. This is an advanced two part channel (no usual Q&A section) into the energies of clarity, the release of agenda within perception, unconditional love, the illusional nature of reality, and how to energetically feel other people. Voted audience favorite broadcast of 2010!

Circle 8 - July 2010 - Being Successful
This recording is all about connecting to the energy of success, redefining success for yourself and releasing energetic blocks to success that you may be unconsciously carrying. Part one is a powerful energy walk through the energies of success and failure leading to the popular golden lake exercise. In part two Story speaks extensively around the topic, integrating audience submitted questions. The recording opens with releasing negative connotations and fears around the word success and re-defining it such that you can join with it. Next, Story asks you to see and feel the ways in which you already are and have been successful and opens the listeners to collectively join through the realization of this energy. Explore what your definition of success is. What is it that you want? How will it look? Release the shadows of past feelings of failure. Come to see your energy field as the fertile foundation for your birthing success, and connect with the dream in your heart. Part one ends with a golden lake exercise which is the realization of how the success that you seek is already a tangible energy on this planet that you can connect with and enter. Part two opens with Story drawing out and expanding the key themes touched on in part one including, releasing the feeling that success is not for people on the spiritual path and how to prepare yourself energetically to give birth to your dream. Next, Story answers questions - things going wrong just when it seemed like they were starting to go right, doubt around a business opportunity, the power of doing nothing and allowing the feeling of spaciousness as a tool to being clear about what is operating within your energy field, how we choose the definitions of success, seeing through the illusion of the polarity (duality) of success and failure, difficulty with co-workers, seeing the energy behind your reaction to things not working out. Are you ready to open yourself to the change that success will bring?

Circle 9 - August 2010 - Believing Reality
Believing Reality opens by looking at how your beliefs shape your personal reality - acting as locks and keys to whole areas of experience. Story describes levels of belief systems from the personal, to the level of the entire human experience, to the mass consciousness belief system, to niche belief systems such as conspiracy theories, angels and aliens. Story conveys a sense of belief systems flowing and interacting as containers, as shared platforms for experience, and as potentials that you can choose to birth into your reality. With this framework in place he then takes it to a more personal/emotional level, looking at how your life experiences lead you to create an idea (a belief system) about yourself, such as a feeling that you are lucky or unlucky, worthy or unworthy. He describes this as a persistence of feeling through belief and shows how to identify these core self-beliefs that can so often become invisible to the person holding them. Part one then closes with a powerful vision of this reality as a vessel and mirror of belief, deepened by our collective history. This expression of clarity invites us all to see this reality as a powerful teacher, encouraging us to engage its gifts in a new and deeper way. Part two is a popular open-questions and answers section with questions on: taking center stage in your life, getting out of feeling stuck, physical symptoms in awakening, feeling out of sync with life, what are ghosts?, how to un-believe something, and creating for the future. Included in his answers, Story leads two energetic exercises, one for transforming financial limitation, and a beautiful energetic birthing exercise to give form to energies birthing within you. Believing Reality spans many areas from the esoteric to the practical and from the personal to the global. Overall it will leave you feeling inspired to create and empowered to change your reality through having come to clearly see how you are choosing it.

Circle 10 - September 2010 - The Sense of Belonging
The Sense of Belonging is a unique and powerful feeling, that means different things to different people. In Part 1 Story parallels the change in our sense of belonging over our personal lives and its development over human history. Then, looking at 'the sense of belonging' in relation to the global awakening , he speaks from his Universal Self and addresses the sense of belonging in the modern 'lightworker' who may have felt separate (not belonging) to the mass consciousness at this time. Story speaks of how you can transform this sense in your life through the realization of how you chose to be a forerunner at this time, and how this has for many created a sense of 'not belonging'. This is essential listening for anyone awakening who is considering their place in this world and feeling the possibility of transforming this relationship and the very sense of belonging itself. Part two questions include: How belonging can create a sense of separation; Is it okay to not want to belong? The feeling of belonging within a relationship; Trying to avoid feelings of not belonging; Healing inner divide or feeling detached from the world; Not being able to conceive a baby; Story's view on the origin of humanity. This recording is a powerful exploration of The Sense of Belonging from both a wider Source perspective and also in terms of being an awakening being at this time of global change.

Running time: 10+ hours.

Price: $33 for Collection. Sessions $6-$10 each.