Freedom Circles Collection 3 - New Perspectives

Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The New Perspectives Series
Collection 3 - Oct 2010 to Feb 2011

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This third collection contains the five broadcasts (circles) that aired from October 2010 to February 2010. This was a series of five broadcasts called 'The New Perspectives Series'.

Each broadcast is two sessions, usually with the main message in the first session followed by a question and answer (Q & A) session using Freedom Circle member submitted questions. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 11 - Oct 2010 - Your Past / Other Lives
Story looks at 'other lives' from a wide range of perspectives - from a human linear perspective to the multi-dimensional Source Perspective. What is it to connect with another life? Is it necessary to explore your other lives? What is it about another life that causes you to connect to it? How can you change your past as well as your future? Could your guides be future selves? Why do so many people have the experience of thinking they were Jesus? Plus, discover the perspective that all other lives are yours. This broadcast has three sections as it opens with an introduction to the whole New Perspectives Series and the intention behind it.

Circle 12 - Nov 2010 - The New Children
In the second of the 'New Perspectives' series of broadcasts, Story looks at the 'New Children', also often referred to as the Crystal Children or Indigo Children. This relates to the idea that the children being born currently are carrying a new human template and represent a step in the evolution of human consciousness. This broadcast incorporates the Q & A into one extended 90 minute message with Story speaking from his Universal Self. Story uses this exciting topic to speak about: How the new children will react to rules and structure. Biological and energetic evolution. Loosening the idea of physicality. The energy of spirit emerging into matter. Mass human changes at all points in history. The sensitivity of the new children. Autism. Technology as a reflection of the new children How these children are not susceptible to imprints that we are. How they are connected to a feeling of freedom. The idea of a new older generation embracing the technology. How to best help and work with the new children. The framework that these new children are working within. How you are personally connected to the new children.

Circle 13 - Dec 2010 - Sacred Places & Energy Patterning
In the third of the 'New Perspectives' series of broadcasts Story looks at the energy of the sacred (free from the idea of religion and worship). Why do certain places feel like they have a special energy? What is it is about them? Story opens with an exploration of how our beliefs about these places helps create the reality of them and the journey we take when we choose to visit such a place and be affected by it. He then moves on to a fascinating discussion on the actual energy patterns of these places and why they affect some people and not others, as well as how the experience of them changes over time. This includes an exploration of how people's emotions (energy) come to be imprinted into places and how human emotions and physical reality are interrelated. In the part 2 questions and avvnswers section Story opens by talking about ley lines and a personal experience of energy imprinting in a physical location. Questions then include: How to create a sacred space; Do we need to visit a place to be affected by it? What are crop circles? The effect of crystals; What are the crystal skulls? Places that are built through astronomical or mathematical principles. Of particular note in this broadcast is the discussion of energy patterns held in physical locations and objects and how these can be keys to you in your exploration of this reality.

Circle 14 - Jan 2011 - The Language of Food
In this 'New Perspectives' broadcast Story shows how food is a symbolic language through which we are processing our own awakening. Let Story show you how to let go of the surface level of definition and feel your food choices from your heart, so that you can eat and prepare food in full consciousness and get the best from your diet. This recording explains how our everyday experiences have many levels and that which we call our everyday life is always a vessel of your own unfolding awakening process. See food in a whole new light!

Circle 15 - Feb 2011 - The Masculine & Feminine
Discover the origins of the yin and yang, the choice for male domination and the current blending of these energies at this time of awakening. Watch an extended YouTube video clip from the broadcast below to really get a feel for this powerful topic and Story's unique perspective on it. Part 2 questions include: The perception and naming of energies. Inner battling masculine and feminine aspects. Masculine/Feminine difference in the non-physical. Anchoring energy in the physical to attract a 'tonal complement'/partner. Adam Lambert Will we let go of masculine and feminine definition? Looking for the perfect relationship. How do gay people experience these energies differently?

Running time:  9 hours.

Price: $33 for Collection. Sessions $6-$10 each.