Freedom Circles Collection 6 - The 2012 Series

Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The 2012 Series
Collection 6 - Jan 2012 to May 2012

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This fifth collection contains the five broadcasts (circles) that aired from August 2011 to December 2011. This was a series of five broadcasts called 'The Grounding Freedom Consciousness Series' that directly follows on from 'The Awakening into Freedom Consciousness Series.'

Each broadcast is two sessions, usually with the main message in the first session followed by a question and answer (Q & A) session using Freedom Circle member submitted questions. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 26 - Jan 2012 - Total Choice
This January 2012 broadcast incorporated both sections into one 90 minute message that introduced the 'Adam Fyre' energy - a new level of embodiment in Story's channeling following on from the Grounding Freedom Consciousness series of broadcasts.

Circle 27 - Feb 2012 - Meeting The Experience
In February 2012 Story launched Reality School to make his work freely available to more people. This broadcast served as an invitation from Story for people to meet his work and serves as a useful tool for best understanding how to approach the materials and 'meet the experience'.

Circle 28 - Feb 2012 - The Equality of Being Q & A
This was a potent two-hour double questions and answers broadcast with the Adam Fyre energy.

Circle 29 - Mar 2012 - The View From Spirit
In this broadcast Story conveys the experience of choosing to birth on Earth in order to better convey the experience of non-physical reality. The broadcast then closes with an exploration of how interconnected choices create much of the complexity of life that we experience, and how to surrender these choices into transformation.

Circle 30 - April 2012 - It's The Same Damn Thing
This Freedom Circle broadcast is an advanced exploration of 'As Above, So Below' and conveys the wonder of the holographic nature of the universe.

Circle 31 - May 2012 - Seeing The Earth Clearly
In Part 1 of this recording Story explores ways of viewing the existence of other physical realities, as well as the relationship between the non-physical and physical space (explaining why distance is not an issue). Part 2 is a powerful message from a wide Abraham-like level of consciousness that offers an extremely uplifting understanding of exactly what the Earth is, and why you are a master for being here. Please note this recording includes multiple playful uses of the F-word.

Running time: 10 hours.

Price: $40