Freedom Circles Collection 7 - The Wider Reality

Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The Wider Reality Series
Collection 7 - June 2012 to Oct 2012

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This seventh collection contains the broadcasts (circles) than aired from June 2012 to October 2012 which were called the Wider Reality Series. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection. This collection contains four of Story's most popular messages Seeing Beyond Death, Game Theory, Your Dream Starts Here and The Path of Fearlessness.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 32 - June 2012 - Seeing Beyond Death
This broadcast marks the emergence of a new energy/teacher in Story's messages and the beginning of the Wider Reality Series. In this recording you are invited to awaken by seeing through the illusion of death. This was a very popular broadcast and one which, on review, gave Story himself a significant awakening experience. Not to be missed!

Circle 33 - July 2012 - Game Theory
Game Theory is a three part recording, containing two substantial channels (60 and 90 minutes) and a brief questions and answers section (21 minutes). This was a pivotal recording for Story as it was the first in a new level of expression of SunSon. In the part 1 channel SunSon speaks about letting go of the individuated self in order to open yourself to the wider, multi-dimensional, collective experience of Self. Opening to this multi-perspective is to let go of fear and realize how life is truly a game that we are all playing. In this realization you step out of the difficult experience of the game playing you, into the joyful experience of playing the game with consciousness. SunSon explains how the realization that you are playing a game is, at its core, the separation of beingness and identity. Are you ready to experience the perspective of your wider, collective Self? In the part 2 channel SunSon gives a surprising hypnotism analogy to explain how all the reality games that make up All That Is emerged from the original source state. This gives a powerful realization of how profound it is that Source continual breaks itself down into the illusions that make up our universe. The idea of life as a game is then taken to the next level as SunSon uses the idea of computer/console gaming and the virtual worlds it creates to help explain a variety of mind-blowing multi-dimensional concepts, such a game saves creating probable selves as well as other versions of you that you can meet within the game! Teleportation and time travel spells create similarly revealing insights into the potential of playing the Earth game. The channel then ends with SunSon, taking the opportunity to use the strong multi-dimensional framework that has arisen through the message, giving a powerful discourse on the great awakening and shifting of dimensions taking place on Earth at the moment, as well as the meaning and mastery of fear and suffering. The way in which gaming analogies are ingeniously used to convey multi-dimensionality has made the Game Theory channels stand-out favorites for many.

Circle 34 - July 2012 - Your Dream Starts Here
This was Story's first open-access Core Message broadcast from July 2012. It is one of his most popular recordings because of its openhearted, loving message of coming to see your life through the eyes of spirit at this amazing time of change. Open yourself to the reality of living your dream in the here and now!

Circle 35 - August 2012 - Shared versus Personal Realities
This was a two part message about the nature of the scope of our personal reality versus the shared collective reality that we all live within.

Circle 36 - Sept 2012 - Freedom Consciousness Q & A
This was a bonus live questions and answers broadcast that Story gave in September 2012.

Circle 37 - Sept 2012 - The Path of Fearlessness
This is one of Story's most popular and motivational messages in its exploration of the state of fearlessness and how to use it to kick start transformation in your life.

Circle 38 - Oct 2012 - Channeling Q & A
This was a bonus live questions and answers broadcast that Story gave in October 2012 following an experience he had with Michael Jackson's spirit that not everyone was open-minded about. This led to this channeling questions and answers broadcasts where he covers a variety of topics starting with the questions that arose out this experience. As it turns out this was one of several experiences over the coming years leading to an overt channel from Michael during the 2014 Mirror Retreat.

Running time: 14.5 hours (the largest Freedom Circles Collection)

Price: $40