Freedom Circles Collection 9 - Seth Circling Series

Story's Live Monthly Broadcasts (2009-2014)
The Seth Circling Series
Collection 9 - Jan 2013 to Mar 2013

The Freedom Circle Broadcasts were Story Waters monthly live internet broadcasts that ran from December 2009 to March 2014. This ninth collection contains the broadcasts (circles) than aired from January 2013 to March 2013 which is called the 'Seth Circling' Series as this was just a few months before Story started overtly channeling Seth and Seth has highlighted both the Your Body's Independent Consciousness & Awakening to the Dream World as being SunSon session he led. The sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Circle / Broadcast Descriptions

Circle 46 - Jan 2013 - Your Body's Independent Consciousness
In the Bridging Space Story opens by talking about a radical shift of identity he experienced on the morning of Dec 21st 2012, when the writer(s) in him stepped forward. With his usual candor and level of personal information, Story relates how the experience has unfolded within him deeper insights into the nature of identity and our inner aspects. He then gives a transformative guided meditation designed to unleash the full resource of your aspects in 2013. The Bridging Space ends with a powerful invocation / incantation for those wanting to take this shift of consciousness as a further step towards the new human template that is unfolding at this time on Earth. In a substantial and information rich message (87mins), Story then goes deeply into the exploration of identity, painting a picture of how to conceive of aspects like facets of a diamond that can be rotated. Then in a fascinating exploration of how your body has its own independent consciousness/identity Story reveals the interplay between your body and your spiritual consciousness/identity. The shifting of aspects and the concepts of walk-ins are used to explore the subject which is will give you a deeper conception of identity than ever before. Seth listed this as one of the recordings he was most present in before his overt appearance a few months later.

Circle 47 - Jan 2013 - You And Your Oversoul
Story explores the relationship between you and your Oversoul - includes the concepts of scripts and missions and The Blissful Self Incantation. The Questions and Answers section covers questions around ascension / descension, dealing with suffering, feeling overwhelmed by synchronicities, fear of eternity and medication decisions.

Circle 48 - Feb 2013 - The Dark Versus The Fearful Light
Using the potent and punchy heart of his 2008 'The Call to Awaken' messages Story further expresses the concepts of the Line of Consciousness and Nothing Matters, before delivering new material giving his unique perspective on what people have called 'The War between Light and Dark', introducing the concept of 'the fearful light'.

Circle 49 - Feb 2013 - Transcending Dimensional Structure
In part 1 of Transcending Dimensional Structure Story, for the first time, uses a white-board to convey a model of dimensional structure (printable Jpg diagrams included in album bonus downloads) and how it relates to the duality as first expressed in the The Dark versus the Fearful Light. This model is then used to show how the awakening process is occurring and how, by being conscious of this, you can be a spiritual pioneer at the leading edge of transforming the most contrasting energies on Earth. A graphic of this drawing is included with the mp3s. In the part 2 message, Story then delivers a powerful close-eyed channel about the grand Earth Experiment and how it is transforming and freeing all dimensions within Source Consciousness. This is an advanced description of the what the Earth Game / Experiment is, why it was created, and why you are choosing to take part in it.

Circle 50 - Feb 2013 - Opening Your Throat Chakra
In this broadcast SunSon speaks of the power of expression and speech in the awakening process. Words are spells that reflect your beliefs and help form your reality.

Circle 51 - Mar 2013 - Awakening to the Dream World
This three part broadcast throws open the door to the dream world, showing it to be a vibrant multi-dimensional space from which the physical world arises. What we remember from our dreams is but the tiniest sliver of this rich energetic world that exists outside of time. This is because our memory is designed for time-space rather than multi-dimensionality. In the opening section SunSon, as expressed by Story, reveals the both the origin and nature of the dream world, including its relationship with the waking world. This includes how the waking world was once the dream of the dream world. In part two you will be shown how to open your senses to bring back (remember) more of your dreams as well as showing you how this can transform your outer, waking reality. In part three Story answers questions submitted by audience members present in the live broadcast about the channels that were just delivered, further helping to show the practical application of awakening to the dream world. Seth listed this as one of the recordings he was most present in before his overt appearance a few months later.

Running time: 12.5 hours

Price: $40