Hot-Seating Special

This was the one-day three-session hot-seating special with Story Waters and Roger Hanson held in March 2015. Hot-seating is direct interaction between an audience member and Story or Roger in channel.

In the first of three sections from the Hot-Seating One-Day Wonder that was held the following Sunday from the Seth Experience Retreat, Story opens by talking about his personal realization of the Teacher archetype within him. This leads to you being asked to consider the archetypes that exist within you such that you may connect with them and bring their skills and wisdom into your life. This then transitions into Roger leading a guided meditation to prepare participants for the 'hot-seat' which is used to a symbol of transformation that we are all approaching. In the second and third sections Story and Roger 'hot-seat' the participants with a notable interruption from Seth before ending with some gonging from Story.

Running time:  3 hours.

Price: $20