I Create Seminar - London 2009

This album contains both days of Story Waters' December 2009 London Seminar. The first day focuses on creation and the second day on magic (inner senses).

Day One - The Whole of Creation & The Wonder of Creation.

You came to this incredible reality as a creator. There is no limit to your ability except your imagination and your realization of your creatorship. Share in this amazing day of flow and creation. It is an amazing journey into realizing and unleashing your full power to create and embrace the wonders of this world.
Session 1: The Whole of Creation message. Opening to the flow of the universe as the basis for effortless creation.
Session 2: Q & A section, including surrender vs intention, the resolution of paradox, Richard Branson, and Story speaks on the joy of his work PLUS a 15 minute Fearlessness energy walk.
Session 3: The Wonder of Creation message. Connect with your spirit and the love of life through this amazing non-physical perspective on the wonder of creation.

Day Two - Walking into Magic.

Session 1 features a colorful hour long talk/channel where Story speaks from his Universal Self about the opening of magical perception and how it is unique for each of us. Direct experience is offered through a range of exercises including looking through a chest of drawers as a representation of your Self, interacting with a blue and silver energy being as a mirror of Awakened Self (including the option to kiss!), looking in a magical mirror, and feeling yourself in the center of the Earth. In session 2 Story talks on many levels and topics about the opening of perception through questions and feedback from the audience who just experienced part 1. Topics include - the energy of Welcome, seeing through linear time, Story's personal desire to communicate and connect, why proof for magic cannot exist, the concept of being authentic, and coming to love your physical body. This is a journey about stepping out from regular biological perception into a whole new magical world. Take this walk with Story into magic!

Day Two - Invitation to Magic.

"When you truly come to experience these magical (psychic) abilities you will be faced with your true nature. You will be faced with the freedom, the magic, the deeper realization of what you are, of what is possible, and it is an experience of blowing the lid off. It will take you other places. It is not as simple as a party trick. It changes your reality. The invitation to magic is huge; it is the invitation to non-physical interaction and experience at a conscious level. It is the further weaving together of the two worlds, the bridge between the human and the divine. It is transformative. And your degree of ability to do it will be in direct proportion to your willingness to go through that transformation of your whole reality. There really isn’t such a thing as a little bit of magic. Magic is, and when you truly realize that magic exists, it changes everything." - from the Invitation to Magic.

Open your magical senses in this talk/channel from the London I Awaken seminar where Story speaks from his Universal Self. Take a journey to open your mind and your energy to magical 'psychic' experiences with this Invitation to Magic, including exercises where you bring in your own questions about people and events in your ilfe. Learn how to release limitation from the freedom of multi-dimensional perception. Story addresses with great clarity how it is your beliefs around what is possible that is the only limit to magic in your life!

Audience Feedback

Thank you so very much for this wonderful weekend. Words are not adequate to describe how much it did for me. The whole weekend was such a powerful and magical (and enjoyable) experience. Every individual channel fit in completely with what I needed and now I have made such huge leaps forward - I feel so different to how I did before! I am so much more aware of what I really am and that I really can create whatever I choose, and am marching forward in my life with more zeal than ever! - Nicola, U.K.

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful gift of sharing this great weekend with you! The energy was so warm and welcoming and cosy! The 1st channel had been very powerful for me, setting the rest of the day Saturday. And the Sunday part sinked in completely only today. As a result there is such a deep peace inside, the peace I've been looking for so long. You have this wonderful ability to help people let go of the heavy energies we all tend to carry with us consciously or unconsciously, so we can breath in more fresh air and carry ourselves more lightly. Also you feel to be so well balanced, centred and at the same time relaxed that just being in the presence of that energy has a very healing effect itself. - Jana, Russia

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I have attended lots of courses experiencing myself. I didnt feel like you intruded on my reality at all and your energy didn’t project anything onto me. I think that is the first time I have experienced that so I felt very comfortable in your presence and I havent had to sift through my energy field to release anything that isn’t my truth. The whole experience was very peaceful and I feel as if I have reconnected to more of the light that I am. - Susan, U.K.

I had a sparkling weekend in London, full of synchronicities and instant manifestations. The Channels on the first day got me into the flow and those on the second day set off real magick. Looking forward to the next event. - Andrea, Germany

I wanted to thank you for hosting an awesome weekend. The quality of your seminar was top notch. It is very clear to see and feel that you are doing something you deeply love and are passionate about. You came across to me as deeply respectful of all that were in the room, you were open with us about your own experiences and encouraged us to let go of any fears of being open with you and each other. The energies that we were immersed in continue to flow through me very strongly. I have been moved to up my game of personal evolution and I can't think of anyone else at this time that I'd rather have supporting me. I thank you from my heart for being a part of my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, to my core. - Drew, U.K.

Thank you so much for the weekend - I was surprised by the depth and beauty of what I experienced. I came to the seminar with no expectation of how I may feel once I left, and have found that I am refocused in my strength and the feelings that sped through me during the weekend are still with me - catching me off guard and reconnecting me with the stillness and joy that I felt during the seminar. As well as all of this, it was a brilliant place to spend the weekend, with lovely people. I felt comfortable and had a lot of fun. Thanks!!! - Anna, U.K.

Running time: 5.5 hours.

Price: $30