Infinite Perspectives Seminar - London 2010

This collection contains both days of the Infinite Perspectives London June 2010 seminar and includes three bonus PDF articles on the nature of time to go with the Day Two - Master of Time messages.

Day One - Infinite Perspectives and Bridges of Love.

Let Story take you on a journey across two powerful messages to open up the freedom of the 'The Infinite Perspective' within you. This is the realization that you are Source, you are Love, and all perspectives that have ever existed are within you. This is about stepping outside of the illusion of duality and realizing that there is no opponent, there is no opposite, you are safe. In The Infinite Perspective story elaborates and explores the collective multi-dimensional nature of your being. In Bridges of Love story leads a beautiful opening energetic exercise to help you release all fear and be All That You Are. Discover the expansion that comes through opening yourself to be vulnerable. Open yourself to be a bridge of love.

Day Two - The Mastery of Time.

Story starts by explaining how time is a feeling symbol that you can become a master of, in terms of how your create your reality. He then takes you through how the past, present, and future are active in your energy field such that you can consciously master them and bring yourself to the clarity of the Now. This three part recording (Past, Present, Future) is a journey inside yourself as it shines a light through your being, revealing energies you are carrying that you may not even be aware of. Part three, The Future, ends with a exciting exercise where you open yourself up to the infinite potentials that are in the present using a beautiful moon and stars visualization. Also included in this package are a short bonus Q&A (23mins) plus three extensive articles on Time (9,000 words) which give a more cerebral exploration of the metaphysics of time - how/why it was created, how it differentiates experience, and the role it plays in consciousness. This extensive collection that explores time from many angles is not to be missed!

Running time: 5.5 hours

Price: $30 including 3 PDF articles.