Channeling Master Class

Inter-dimensional Communication / Channeling Master Class
Adventures in Consciousness One
Experiential Weekend all about Channeling!

This is Story's Master Class in Inter-dimensional Communication (channeling) presented through an experimental broadcast weekend. This recording is recommended for anyone interested in having more powerful experiences whilst listening to channels or for anyone wishing to learn to channel themselves.

Session 1 - Meeting Your Alien Self. (79 mins)
Session 2 - The Principles of Inter-dimensional Communication. (53 mins)
Session 3 - Meeting Alien Consciousness. (43 mins)
Session 4 - Grounding Inter-dimensional Bridges.(68 mins)
Session 5 - A New Perspective on Life.(42 mins)
Session 6 - Bringing It All Together.(59 mins)
Session 7 - Appendix - The Evolution of Consciousness (57 mins)

"The Adventure in Consciousness this weekend was an incredible experience. I was expecting the experiential exercises that the group were led through. What I was not expecting was the newness, depth and extensiveness of the information about the principles of inter-dimensional communication that accompanied them. This led up to a whole new way of conceiving life in the fifth section that was my personal highlight as it literally altered my view of reality. The principles outlined covered everything from how to take our out of body adventures and connect them to everyday life (with a focus on using your astral body to interact with your own home), to how to best to meet and integrate experiences with consciousness in other dimensions that we would consider alien - the term alien here covering everything from angels, to non-physical beings, to physical extraterrestrials. Thank you to everyone that took part in the creation of this master class and those that provided feedback of your amazing, diverse, out of this world experiences!" - Story Waters

Running time: 6.5 hours.

Price: $40