Many Masters Retreat

This is the Many Masters retreat from California including appearances from Seth, Jane, Hektr, Yogananda, Babaji, Sri Yukteswar Giri & more! Videos are provided for the two visionary art sessions (6 & 8). Please note that session 6 is video only as it is called 'There Are No Words'.

Session Descriptions

Session 1 - Many Masters Opening (60 mins)
This is the first session of The Many Masters Retreat that was held the weekend before May's LAX seminar. This was predominantly an experiential energy evening with an opening message from Roger followed by a combination of messages and gonging from Story. Around 30 minutes has been removed at the 45 minute mark where Story and Roger went around the audience members give each a personal message and energetic connection experience. The messages include discussion identity as vantage point and the nature of your connection to your other lives.

Session 2 - Opening Discussion (34 mins)
In the first session of the Saturday morning Story, Roger and the participants share and discuss their experiences from the previous evening. This session is essential to appreciating the retreat recordings, though will give you a better feel for the group and does include the first appearance of the 'slinky' concept around 22 minutes.

Session 3 -  Birth and the Human Idea (47 mins)
Session 3 then continues on with a message from Hektr called 'Birth and the Human Idea' where he goes further into the Earth as an idea and how through seeing it this way you can transcend your physical conditions determining your state of feeling.

Session 4 - Sri Yukteswar Giri Hot-Seating (59 mins)
Connecting to a trio of energies (Yogananda, Babaji, Sri Yukteswar Giri), Roger feels the energy of Sri Yukteswar Giri step forward, speaking of reality from the viewpoint of filling space within time. And as he answers audience questions such as "Why am I here," "Why do I try," and "What is the meaning of anything," Guru Giri points towards a new way of being that many will soon be choosing to remember.

Session 5 - The Multiplication of Self (57 mins)
Hektr continue straight on from Session 3 talking about the multiplication of Self using the slinky analogy from earlier in the day. This leads to a discussion of what is a name in the face of selves that ever divide and mulitply. Hektr uses Goya Moda (a new being that will be making its first appearance next week!) as an example of how we can meet out next self by giving birth to a new being and meeting ourselves through it.  

Session 6 - There Are No Words - Video Only (43 mins)
After a day filled with information rich channels, Roger decided to offer a Visionary Art Channel without words - to create a purely visual and energetic experience through which the observer could have their own experience filled with their own interpretations. Before you watch the video, you may want to bring yourself to the space of knowing that what you are about to watch is of your own creation.

Session 7 - Your Advantage / Goya Moda (70mins)
In Your Advantage Jane Roberts steps forward to continue on from Hektr's Multiplication of Self, offering her own perspective and example, making us aware that within history we are now entering our time of advantage to act. In regard to what is now possible on Earth she then speaks of the animation of life through focus and the freedom of creation to birth new life. As a demonstration Jane then leads a birthing experience to bring her 'grandchild' Goya Moda into the world in the form of a 4 minute piece of music.  

Session 8 - A New Experience of Collective (33mins)
In Roger’s final section of the Many Masters Retreat he decides to connect with the Collective Consciousness of the group. But he is quite surprised by the story that emerges from the viewpoint of a little girl and her father in a completely different time space reality. They tell us about how they experience the collective consciousness of the group in a most unconventional manner.

Session 9 - The Accumulation of Identity (39mins)
In The Accumulation of Identity Seth steps forward to offer his perspective on eternal life and how forgetting is an intrinsic part of the transformation of identity. He uses alien consciousness coming to Earth as an example of the fluidity of identity as well as how it relates to birthing new consciousness. Jane also makes an appearance.

Session 10 - Clarifying Joy (65mins)
In the final section of the weekend the group sit down to reflect on the experience and Story asks the particpants to share their perspective on something he was personally struggling with. This is, in retrospect, a highly significant exchange with Story now currently (two months later) in transition StorySun.

Running time: 8+ hours.

Price: $60