New Beginnings

This is the New Year's Eve One Day Event from California with Story Waters and Roger Hanson with powerful messages for those seeking the energies of rebirth and newness. A video download of the visionary art session 2 is included.

Session 1 - What Does the Butterfly Dream? (92 mins)
Story opens the New Beginnings One Day Wonder with his longest channel ever, What Does the Butterfly Dream?, clocking in at over 90 minutes. This extensive message conveys the multi-dimensional reality of the energetic chrysalis that humans are in as they change from the old human (caterpillar) to the new (butterfly). Story conveys how there is nothing you need to do to make the process happen ... what you are determining is how conscious you are of it. 

Session 2 - The New Beginnings Labyrinth (64 mins)
Roger brings through a series of awakening messages all focused on our New Beginning by tapping into the energy of the group using his multi-dimensional Labyrinth art technique. Video included.

Sessions 3 & 4 - The New Beginnings Activation (60 mins)
The New Beginnings One Day Wonder ended with back to back activations from both Roger and Story, delivered shortly before midnight.

Running time: 3.5 hours

Price: $30 (includes video of session 2).

The New year's eve toast.

The New year's eve toast.