Birth-Gate 1997

Notes on the Construction of a Birth-Gate.

To convey the full circle nature of his work, Story reads from his 1997 journals in his final monthly live broadcast from January 2017. This was broadcast over three sections with a total running time of three and a half hours. This time period is when Story's written channeling really took off and covers times referred to in The Courage to Channel recording.

This recording is not recommended for those new to Story's work.

Total running time: 3.5 hours.

Price: $30

Birth-Gate Audience Feedback

"After hearing Story's message today, as always I was filled with thankfulness for being able to listen to such an amazing and profound exploration, but I was also struck with a welling up of tears in honor of this moment.  I always love how openly you express your feelings and for me it never fails to just pull me right up close and want to give more love and hugs from New Jersey.  You, Roger, B and Alba have created such a feeling of closeness in me throughout the years.  I never stopped looking forward to hearing your voices and seeing your faces.  I especially love that this change is for something so wonderful and positive for you and I'm very excited for you!!!  I know my words can't express it all but I want to share how much I love love love you guys!  It's like no other relationship I ever had and it's amazing!! Thank you from the bottom and top and left and right of my heart!"

"Thank you very much. It wass outstanding & exceptional. I love the journey of 1997, the different view on a progression, personality, cyclical nature. You walk with the Universe on your shoulders & make it look like a pair of wings. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. So you are welcome as you are and you are welcome whatever you will become & as you wish to be."

"You have done so beautifully well.  Thank you for sharing your notes today. Sometime early last year, I had a lucid dream of you teaching a class and I tried to sneak a peak at your notes....haha.  I got the sense it contained juicy writings and wanted to know but you turned your back away to hide the notes. I was the only one trying to sneak a peak, haha. Today those notes were revealed.  The time was right for finally sharing. This was a very emotional broadcast today.  I am still crying and weeping as I write this note to you.  I think the tears will continue on for the rest of the night and its so beautiful at the same time. You are truly magical. Thank You."

"I'm on the my third time listening to Saturdays broadcast and I'm blown away. Again and again. I have to take it all in in chunks :) Your way of presenting your writings and notes from 1996-1997 is beautifully done. You use the English language like a skilled painter uses colours, creating fireworks that paints the sky, so much to take in and feel elated, expanded and thrilled by. I feel myself gaping, ooh-ing and aah-ing, retracting and then relaxing again, smiling and almost loosing track of up and down. Spinning to see it all. In particular your revelation of past and future being the same, being the not-now, and showing how this makes perfect sense in the circle analogy, opened up something within. And I can feel my whole thread thru the tapestry and suddenly the way I've worked energetically lately makes perfect sense. So much falls into place. My existence makes sense in a totally new way. I am bit lost for words but I feel to repeat that I would not be who I am today had it not been for you. Or maybe more precisely formulated, I would not be able to feel that I am who I am today, had you not enabled me to see it. I will now listen to you classes with these new expanded energies. Being me seeing the world with these eyes will open up totally new adventures and experiences. And I'm thrilled to see what other treasures I will now be able to connect to. Thank you so much <3"