Perspectives with Seth - Shows 13 to 24

This album contains Perspectives with Seth Shows 13 to 24 and runs for ten hours in total. The shows are hosted by Roger Hanson who asks audience questions and engages in intimate discussion with Seth as expressed through Story Waters. You can purchase individual shows for $7 each or the complete album for $60.

Running time: 10 hours.

Price: $60

Individual Show Descriptions

Show 13 - Resistance & Connection - 46 mins
Seth answers audience questions. Topics covered include "How do we choose who to connect with?", judgment being evoking when we try to connect, using your judgments to transform your fears, Donald Trump, how best to approaching connecting with people from a standpoint of isolation/loneliness, what is it to go with the flow?, what if you can't feel any flow?

Show 14 - The Dance of Meaning - 51 mins
Seth, aided by Jane, answers a question about falling into meaninglessness when opening to change and being stuck in a 'loop of poop'. This leads to extensive discussion around dancing with the zero point of meaninglessness, the relationship between meaning and reality, seeing yourself as a creator of meaning rather than a discoverer of it, and a hilarious discourse on 'poopy loops'.

Show 15 - Move to Discover Your Dance - 49 mins
Seth speaks about the mastery of focus and the use of selective unconsciousness as he suggests we all start moving so that we can discover our dance. Also includes discussion of how alcohol and emotions affect channeling and being 'the happy idiot'.

Show 16 - Facing Your Bullies - 52 mins
With Story having just release a public statement about the relationship between his and Jane's Seth (recommended you read this here) having received much criticism following the release of The Human Dilemma, Seth talks not about that debate, but Story's decision to use his power of language and reflection to exit the debate. This includes discussion of the healing of wounds, fighting back and what the heart of a passion looks like. This packed show also features a community question on the difference between aspects, imprints and blueprints.

Show 17 - Sex, Love & Pain - 55 mins
In this expansive show Seth answers questions on sex, pain and the fifth dimensional heart. This covers how to open up your sexuality, learning to articulate the uniqueness of your heart, dealing with the fear of impending pain and being open to the full heart experience.

Show 18 - Unconditional Love & Unconsciousness - 56 mins
Seth devotes the first half of the show to a question about finding unconditional love for your family when they are displaying unconsciousness. This is then followed by a question about 'hybrids' which has a surprisingly similar answer!

Show 19 - Present Responsibility - 49 mins
Seth speaks about the understanding that your wider Self is fully aware of where it is going, even when it is surprising to us at the incarnate level. This leads to discussion around taking responsibility within the Now moment for what you are experiencing. This discussion then evolves into the idea of the value of your own interpretations in the Now moment as Seth is asked to comment on the image of him created by Roger (used for the Perspectives with Seth shows). A question on feeling blocked in finding a romantic relationship is also answered.

Show 20 - Seth As A Library - 52 mins
In this show Seth talks about a level of illusion falling within Story through which he is now having a more direct experience of Seth as being like a library or living record. This then extends into a deeper discussion of their communication process, the accessing of living records and how breaking into new territory is experienced.

Show 21 - The No Copyright Ideal - 49 mins
Seth speaks at length about the idea that everything should be freely shared. This leads to discussion of copyright, the Now moment and how best to understand and interact with ideals.

Show 22 - Changing Your Name - 50 mins
A question about twin souls leads to discussion of ideas through which the Self can experience meeting more of itself, the feeling of a jigsaw piece that fits, the prismatic reflection of reality and the letting go of possessiveness. This is followed by a question on names with the idea of changing your name which includes discussions of Seth, Story and Rogers names. There is also further clarification of the concept of Seth as a library.

Show 23 - The Idealistic Self - 49 mins
With Roger away Seth devotes the whole show to further exploring the subject of ideals and the idealistic Self, explaining how ideals are like seasoning in that they can enhance the meal on the plate of your life, but they are not a replacement for that meal. For example, the issues connected with money in this world are not the result OF money, they are human qualities that are being explored THROUGH money. As such ideals often seek to remove symptoms and not address the cause. This leads to the understanding that the full expression of Self is not a singular ideal but it a balance of qualities that may reflect many ideals, but is none of them entirely. The connection between victimhood and ideals is also explored in this in-depth session.

Show 24 - The Place of White Rabbits - 42mins
In the second show with Roger away Seth takes advantage of Story's time alone to talk about the experience of solitary confinement and freedom from structure and routine. This includes further exploration of the recent 'follow the white rabbit' theme as a symbol of experiences that you can follow into new realities such as Alice through the Looking Glass. This culminates in an experiential journey to the place of white rabbits.

Running time: 10 hours.

Price: $60