Perspectives with Seth - Shows 25 to 36

This album contains Perspectives with Seth Shows 25 to 36 and runs for eleven hours in total. The shows are hosted by Roger Hanson who asks audience questions and engages in intimate discussion with Seth as expressed through Story Waters. You can purchase individual shows for $7 each or the complete album for $60.

Running time: 11 hours.

Price: $60.

Individual Show Descriptions

Show 25 - Choosing the Best of It - 53 mins
The show opens with Seth and Roger exploring an experience he had of making the best of a situation in Japan which is used as an example of not falling into frustration or victimhood by seeking to make the best of whatever situation is before you. This leads into a question related to solitary confinement and insanity which evolves in explorations of 'You create your reality' and 'Take what resonates and leave the rest'. The session then ends with Seth speaking directly to the energy structures of each listener with an invitation to put down baggage and experience simplicity by focusing on the part of you that is in joy and 'leaving the rest'.

Show 26 - My Contract With You - 52 mins
In this master class on sovereignty and Self-responsibility Seth explains how his contract with you is to deliver to you the wider perspective on this how this reality works such that you may fully activate your blueprint (intention) for this life. He explains how helping make you more conscious is not the same as helping you become happier and that in this life you are seeking to be 'joyful in consciousness' as opposed to 'joyful in unconsciousness'. This powerful discourse will leave you feeling invigorated to grab back the reigns of your life for fear, apathy, depression and frustration.

Show 27 - Joy and Selective Consciousness - 44 mins
In this show Seth continues to elaborate on the teaching of joy versus the teaching of consciousness and why becoming more conscious of how our reality system can lead to less joy and how to move beyond this state. The show closes with an answer to question about whether or not you need to revisit the past in order to release it in the present.

Show 28 - Following Joy's Origin - 45 mins
Seth answers two questions sent in from the last show about inner sense experiences and joy. Seth talks about the personal and ephemeral nature of joy and describes the state of Self that most aids the heart in the following of this ever changing point of perception. He relates this to the white rabbit and discusses the creation of blueprints as paths that continual shift the origin of joy to trace a path across linear time. He then describes how the logic and fear of the world then must fit around that and not the other way around.

Show 29 - A Good Shovel for Bodies - 70 mins
Including a brief introduction from Story, Show 29 is Seth's opening message for recent Palm Springs retreat which is a powerful invitation (and experiential exercise) to bury your past and catapult yourself into the future. This is a powerful exercise and it is recommended to listen in a space suitable for an experiential journey of release and transformation. The image is from the t-shirt Story was wearing which Seth references.

Show 30 - Multi-Dimensionality & the Infinite Self - Part 1 - 56 mins
In this show Story and Seth energetically amplify a text on multi-dimensionality they were in the middle of writing. This results in the clearest explanation of exactly multi-dimensionality is which is explained through the lens of knowing the Infinite Self - that which you are in the wider reality.

Show 31 - Multi-Dimensionality & the Infinite Self - Part 2 - 55 mins
Seth continues the discussion around multi-dimensionality and the infinite Self started in the previous show by expanding upon the idea that everyone experiences the truth/validity/perfection of their spiritual beliefs upon death. He does this through answering a question about how someone who believes Jesus died for their sins would experience that belief when they die.

Show 32 - Allowing Death Within Perception - 46 mins
Seth opens up the understanding that all transformation contains death into the idea that we can become more effective at conscious creation through allowing this knowing into our perception and choices for transformation. This extensive discussion expands further on the journey from seeing reality as a reflection to knowing reality as your Self.

Show 33 - What Do You Want The Answer to Be? - 45 mins
Seth goes into his deepest exploration of the questions within us that birth from the deep longing to have a satisfying answer to the question 'Who am I?'. Seth's extensive answer concerns how we use symbols and covers dragon energy, Oprah Winfrey, strawberry ice-cream and the Game of Thrones! Includes a power practical exercise of looking at what you want the answers to your questions to be. "If you wish the answer to the question 'Who am i?' to be satisfying then become the type of human to which you ascribe that value."

Show 34 - The Consciousness of the Internet - 49 mins
Seth discusses technology and the nature of the Internet's consciousness in this fascinating show that includes discussion of communication between the human race and other realities based upon biological life. The nature of what is the physical versus the non-physical as well as the concept of 'physical reality being a virtual reality' is explored.

Show 35 - The Origin of All Species - 43 mins
This landmark edition of Perspectives with Seth is a live broadcast from the 20/20 Down the Rabbit Hole Course. Story, as 'grounded Seth' delivers his most comprehensive explanation of how the human experience was created and the intention behind his own life.

Show 36 - Discovering The Human Code - 90 mins
This is a special double length episode to close out the intial run of Perspectives with Seth Shows. Seth talks about Story's realization of Hermes and the original creation code of humanity. This includes further information about the slavery imprint and a new view on what the channeling process is.

Running time: 11 hours.

Price: $60.