Self-Creation Seminar

The Complete Los Angeles Self-Creation Seminar

The Self-Creation Seminar was held in Los Angeles with Story Waters & Roger Hanson. It contains a potent mix of both powerful messages and inspirational ideas through which you can enter deep into the state of rebirth / phoenix energy such that you experience the heart of the choice of Self-Creation.

Read the session descriptions below for a more information. Sample video included with Session 3. Total running time: 10 hours approx. Purchase includes bonus video downloads of the three visual sessions.

Total running time: 10 hours

Price: $60 (includes 3 bonus video sessions.)

Session 1 - The Next Self
In the opening section of the LAX 2015 Adventures in Consciousness Up-Close Seminar (AKA The Self Creation Seminar) Story channels a mix of energies (Seth/Hekt/StorySun) as he outlines the intention for the weekend - for each participant to birth their next 'most exciting' Self. Multi-dimenionsal ideas are conveyed to create a space of allowance such that this shift is open enough to break the patterns you are ready to let go of.

Session 2 - Sharing A Self
Sharing a Self is a powerful guided energetic journey (with gonging) into the possibilities of rebirth and the freedom of the Self to exist in forms we have not yet imagined. Roger opens the experience with a powerful message that connects the listener with the wider group and our shared intention to step forward together. Seth then steps forward (and walks around) as he leads the group to experience a Future Self that they all share. This message opens you to a wider experience of Self, therefore allowing your Next Self to house the depth of change you feel birthing inside.

Session 3 - To Forget Suffering
Seth opens the Saturday morning of the Self Creation Seminar, with Hektr stepping in part way through, to talk about the nature of suffering, the multiple human apolocolyptic 'end games' that are now in operation and the realization that the only way to stop experiencing suffering is to walk away from it.

Session 4 - Stepping through the Mirror
Following on from an earlier session with Story during which a "smiling being" connected to the group was referred to, Roger decided to connect to this being through art to see what else they had to share. The being referred to himself as a collective representation of the group who was there to help facilitate the integration of new selves for everyone present. One of the ways in which he did this was by creating a sense of stepping outside of time, especially through the release of the limiting idea of cause and effect, into a more free state of allowance. The session ends with a powerful grounding experience, bringing feelings from the visionary art channel directly into the body. Video download included.

Session 5 - Turning the Tide
Seth and Hektr continue their run of Self-expanding concepts including how the Earth starts and ends with one being but with billions in-between, how the Earth is both free and pre-determined, awakening as a sense of completion and how 'The Great Awakening' is actually a turning of tide that allows for incredible transformation at the directionless point of change that occurs when a tide turns (AKA zero point).

Session 6 - Magic Fingers: a New Hot-Seating Experience!
In this session, the last of the day on Saturday, Roger felt the seminar participants were 'full' of information and decided to try something new. Although his original intention was to transmit unconditional love through touch, and perhaps offer a few simple messages of encouragement and support, what evolved instead was an unforgettable hot-seating session filled with both laughter and tears including topics of feeling energy, beautiful insecurities, letting go of savior energy, and allowing love. Video download included.

Session 7 - The Exodus of Suffering
Opening the final day of the seminar Seth & Hektr speak about the cornerstones of joy in your life and the opposing experiences of suffering being chosen & not chosen. The wider topic of suffering is then approached through the idea of humanity's Exodus from Suffering.

Session 8 - Belief Work Q & A
Story and Roger answer audience questions on a variety of topics that have come up through the seminar including freedom versus predetermination, indulgence and selfishness, changing limiting beliefs into empowering ones, feeling overwhelmed with choice and the power of stopping.

Session 9 - The Mirror that Knows You
In a first, Roger brings through an image as Story leads you on a guided journey based on the emerging image that ties together many of the themes of the Self-Creation seminar. Many participants described this as the 'crowning experience' of the weekend with some of the most powerful internal experiences they have ever had. It is recommended that you listen to your favorite session from the weekend again just prior to watching this so, like the participants, you can enter this session in full flow. Video download included.

Session 10 - Closing Session
In the closing session of the Self-Creation Seminar Story and Roger reflect on the weekend whilst answering questions from participants.

Total running time: 10 hours

Price: $60 (includes 3 bonus video sessions.)