Seth on Inner Senses

15 days, 15 sessions, 15 hours of magic!

This course was led by Seth who put Story through his biggest ever preparation in order to deliver the extensive amount of content with Roger offering experiential sessions. This makes Seth on Inner Senses one of the most powerful teachings available for anyone wanting to open up a powerful flow in what is usually experienced as a divide between inner and outer. It's time to experience more magic in your life!

Running time: 15 hours

You can read an introduction from Seth below as well as read audience course testimonials. Course purchase is at the bottom of this page.


Fear, Focus, & Free Will

Free Text which also serves as a Seth On Inner-Senses course introduction.

The way in which your reality can seem to resist your will, when it is in fact being led by it, is a testament to how powerful the linearity of the Human Experience is. The sensation of linearity is the feeling that the path of your life is like a fixed train track ahead of you, instead of an open playground you can freely explore. Most typically this is experienced as being contained by cycles of negative-emotion that keep repeating despite your desire to end them: common examples are loss, abandonment, victimhood, addiction, alienation, betrayal, illness and lack.

On our upcoming intensive [Seth on Inner Senses], I will show you how the reality in which you live is not as linear or as black and white as your external senses suggest. This comes through the realization that you do not experience life as linear because it is linear; you experience it this way because you are predominantly only using your external biological senses (e.g. sight & hearing) which are in fact designed to create linearity. This is to see that the One Self (source consciousness) wanted to create a linear world because it is a different kind of experience with deep qualities of individuality, jeopardy, touch, taste, surprise, challenge and discovery - which is the transformation of the emotional experience of 'not knowing' into knowing.

To be reading this very text you are probably already in the process of choosing a new kind of journey within the Human Experience - the process of coming to see that the linearity you experience is only the result of your perception and does not truly reflect the unlimited potential of the reality before you. Being human is not as limited as most believe; this comes through the realization that it has only ever been your beliefs that have been limiting it. Reality can only ever be as magical as you will allow your inner senses to perceive it to be. On this course we will further awaken your inner senses such that you enter deeper into the experience of awakening, joy and abundance that you seek.

You are each non-physical, multidimensional beings that have entered into a physical world that disconnects you from the full dimensions of experience, such that you can focus in on the qualities of existence you wish to explore. Your inner senses function from birth, but to enter humanity is to enter into a fear-based mass belief system that is a complex evolution of the original survival instinct. This social conditioning directs your focus to the outer world such that it is experienced as the only shared territory, even though the inner landscape is just as rich with shared experiences of living beingness. The opening of your inner senses can therefore be seen to be the opening to a more multidimensional, and thereby magical, experience.

This is to move closer to the wider non-physical state of consciousness that we all exist within when we are not focused on a physical, individuated experience such as being human. Many of you have already taken powerful strides into this wider arena of Self. Your opening of Self to multi-dimensionality has birthed within you an incredible inner experience that you understandably value and are fascinated by. For some of you these inner senses have even connected you with other realities as well as other aspects of our shared consciousness that are here to guide and aid you. However, as wonderful and rich as this inner life is, for many it has come at a price of coming to feel disconnected from the world and the people in it; those who are not aware of these senses within them and thereby come to express the mass fear around survival.

There is a way in which many people, in entering into the magic of personal spirituality, have left the world behind. This is a tipping of the balance of focus from the outer (which can seem harsh, cold & hateful) to the inner (which can feel warm, inviting and loving). There is nothing wrong in coming to turn inwards; indeed, the evolution of your own personal spirituality will often demand it, but never permanently. You did not come to this world to then deny that choice. What I wish you to see is that detaching from this reality is not escaping the mass consciousness survival instinct: it is fear-based retreat. Now, if this retreat is giving you the kind of life you want then I will not suggest you change it. But, if there are still negatively-experienced emotional cycles running within you, then I am suggesting that the answers you seek lie within an experience of the world that beautifully fuses the inner and the outer experiences of reality.

This is an experience of the Now moment where the world ceases to be an obstacle you are contained within, and actually becomes experienced as an extension of Self where you are actively exploring the nature of your own being. Within the marriage of the inner and outer, which can only be experienced through the release of the fear that fuels survival, lays what is both the evolution of the human experience of Self and yet is also a return to how it was before this world became so charged by fear.

The evolution of consciousness that you seek lies in a space where the difference in experience of inner and outer is far less because you have transformed the fears within your outer experience, thereby allowing you to be far more present in the outer world. This is when your focus becomes free to roam both the inner and outer thereby allowing them to become a more unified experience. This is also a state which gives you far greater access to the Now moment.

Although living within the Now moment is a wonderful thing, it is important to understand that, as a human on Earth at this time, you should not expect to remain there. There is a blueprint for your life within you, created by you to be filled with the kinds of experiences you want to focus on during this life. As well as being a goodie bag full of gifts and treats for you to meet, this blueprint is also designed to be a multi-layered puzzle that gradually reveals itself. Entering the Now moment is usually experienced as clarity arising from something that was not clear before. This can be seen to be the resolving of a single layer of the puzzle. Resolving the entire puzzle across a lifetime is therefore a process of entering and leaving the Now moment.

The shared space that we will be creating together through the sustained 15-day focus of the course will therefore not be aimed at the Now moment itself, but a kind of orbit of it that you will find far easier to sustain - though it still takes sustained practice. It therefore has the potential to be a steady stream of revelation that you can thrive within as opposed to a powerful Now moment experience where you have one big revelation and are then spat back out through the impact of it upon you.

This is the state of having your inner senses alive and aware in the way they are during your personal spiritual practice, but whilst your focus is active, open and free within the outer world. It is hard to convey in this brief introduction, but this is not about turning the inner senses on the outer, it is about bringing those senses out from within you to play in the world. This is something that arises from coming back into balance and presence across both your inner and outer experiences of Self.

This course will not only elaborate further on the ideas and principles that I am beginning to outline here, but across the fifteen sessions we will give you experiential journeys and practices with which you can flex this new muscle and understanding within you. The sustained focus offered will not only bring you an immediate experience of transformation, but one that you can extend using the practices you will have integrated [as well as re-listening to the mp3s]. Bringing the kind of balance that I am speaking of into your life creates an energetic environment where your inner senses will thrive. You will experience your ability to engage life consciously with your full multidimensional abilities available.

To summarize, this course will be of interest to those seeking to better engage and use their 'magical' inner senses through the lens of being in this world rather than escaping from it. Seeking to escape this world through the inner senses is a malady because it is a denial of your choice to be here in this life. At its worst, those afflicted feel like a slice of heaven trapped within a hell. In this you have effectively ended up using your gift as a weapon against yourself by entering into an experience of contrast that is painful. I wish to show you how your inner senses can connect you to this world, enriching your entire experience of being, both inner and outer. I do not mind how angry or hurt you have been by this world. That is your business. What I tell you is that you cannot truly meet your inner senses until you are ready to meet the world through them. Furthermore, you can only truly meet your Self through meeting the world, because that is the deeper meeting of your choice to live this life.

Thank you for joining our merry band of adventurers as we delve deeper into our eternal experience of Self!


Seth On Inner Senses Audience Testimonials

"I really love the focus on remembering of your Wider Self… how You (the Wider Self) is imagining/dreaming of this world, this life... its excitement and desire for it and the choice then to step into the dream, as us...  and how all its information is already flowing to you, that you just have to open to it… how the inner senses is the experience of remembering what your Wider Self knows…   You are that which chooses… the fluid nature of self, of what you are.  In a way I find it hard to "mentally" comprehend, but yet I feel a deep inner heart-knowing of this truth…  "

"As Seth just began to speak on "feeling of another" and how when predominately operating from the "wounded self" how one gravitates to those beings... Yes, feel like I've always done that and yes because a lot of my life I was operating from that wounded self that is the type of beings I experienced... Haven't now for awhile, been connected to what Seth described as "the vitality of this world"... Understand now more fully the importance of "my wounded self" and going to go back there to explore it... Ok, I'm just going to say what stirred within me maybe half way through... This "sexual energy" which I have not felt for some time came out of no where, rushing through me... Lol OMG My husband is going to be a very happy man on this VALENTINE's Day!!! Love to you both... So much GRATITUDE."

"Woohoo! That was absolutely fabulous! Seth took many ideas I've been flirting with and brought such clarity to them! At one point I thought of Sense8. How they are all able to experience each other. Seems the Wachowski sibs are acquainted with Seth too! Grin. I was also tripping out with the graphic you used on the live screen. The dot on the stick person and all the dots around it. Seth helping me connect a lot of dots. And me being able to CHOOSE to focus on the dot inside my own head. Or focus on one of those other dots and experience what's inside their non-physical head."

"I really resonated with the idea that I connect with others through my wounded self. It was so intense in the past that I stopped doing healing and channeling for others as it was too much. I had judgements about myself and others about connecting in this way and I lost my courage. Thank you for reminding me that this is and always has been a valid connection."

"In my experience, what stuck out to me was the difference between the healed and non healed self. The discussion and naming of those who have a strong inner experience and the correlation of being wounded- how that is connected to identity. It seems the wounding that leads to the inner experience is also what creates the identity with the wounded self. I can see how this is me and it is the wounded self which gives birth to the inner experience but also creates the limitation of further exploration of the wider self. The way the message was delivered gave me the experience of going between the two, wounded and not wounded, inner and outer experience, mix and match. I've always known that the wounded self is how I've connected to others."

"I was completely entranced by your opening breathing andits relation to the safety of the body and release of control. My body carries a lot for me, and I often don't realise because I'm so focused on coping and surviving, so that process had me instantly in touch with that stress and able to release it easily andjoyfully. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket after a shock and held in loving arms. In many years of meditation and breath work, it was a unique experience...thank you :)"

"I'm floating, feeling my spacious being, feeling the love - looking out on the world with new eyes. Feeling curious, elated, excited. The love that I am.. the love that we all are. For me one of the stronger insights Seth gave today is that returning to being me will change how I am received by the world. I am smiling, from the inside out. It is a huge smile on the inside and I can feel that it softly comes out not only via my mouth but via my eyes and my relaxed face - via my energy as such too. Love this feeling, this knowing, this sense of wonder. Thank you. I too am soooo looking forward to connecting again! : )"

"There's SO MUCH i already resonate with from this course and i particularly love the white rabbit concept... the knowing that, just as my blueprint has led me to experience deep levels of fear, i am now able to allow my inner senses to lead me effortlessly into more and more joy and ecstasy! i know this is true because it's been occurring in my experience in bits and pieces, and now that it's been put into words, it truly feels limitless."

"Since playing with these concepts my life has become so amazingly different, I have moved into the place of following breadcrumbs and totally enjoying it. Things are manifesting sometimes instantly and I delight in each one, whether it be the interaction with a mosquito and telling it to exit my vicinity or a particular item of clothing presenting itself on the first rack in the first store I enter. There is a thrill around not knowing all the details and allowing what appears. I have sense of freedom that has moved in and made it's home inside of me."

"Thank you for the "nudge" to keep going deeper & deeper into the merging of inner & outer senses -- by allowing my focus to find the Now moment. It really does get easier the more i do it.... especially in the comfort of my own home!  Yesterday, i had the opportunity to experience the presence of Both in a relatively "safe" external environment. Today, I look forward to giving my expanded self full reign, as i step forth into uncharted territory.  Mahalo."

"Just wanted to say thank you so much, Story, Seth, and Roger...  and thank you to all the participants... I thought this Inner Senses course was absolutely fabulous!  What an adventure!  I am finding my perceptions to be greatly expanded. Sensing more and more becoming known to me… perceiving more of myself… opening new realities...  I'm still trying to integrate everything and plan to listen to all the sessions again.  I enjoyed all the 20/20 courses but think this one may be my favorite!"