Spoken Energy One

The Complete, Remastered, Documentation of Story Waters' Spoken Journey.

Spoken Energy 1 is the first in a new series of recordings that are set to be Story's definitive documentation of his spoken journey. This first collection runs for eight hours and covers his first five spoken messages each remastered with all new introductions and reflections. The collector's editions of Story's first two books - The Messiah Seed and You Are God. Get Over It! are also included along with relevant highlights from Story and Lee Harris's Invitation to Remember radio show and a bonus radio talk from Story about the Messiah Seed - both recorded back at that time. Walk with Story into his incredible adventure in consciousness - right from the beginning. You can freely listen to a Spoken Energy Series introduction and the Collection 1 overview below:

Listen to a Series overview and Spoken Energy 1 content overview below:

Full 19 Track Listing - total duration 8 hours:

1) Spoken Energy Series Introduction 38mins (listen above)
2) Collection 1 Contents Overview 15mins (listen above)
3) Message 1 - Introduction 22mins
4) Message 1 - The Embodiment of Freedom (remastered) 47mins
5) Message 1 - Reflection 13mins
6) Message 2 - Introduction 9mins
7) Message 2 - Opening Talk (remastered) 18mins
8) Message 2 - Story on Stories (respoken version) 47mins
9) Message 2 - Story on Stories (original remastered message) 42mins
10) Message 2 - Reflection 5mins
11) Message 3 - Introduction 6mins
12) Message 3 - Choosing Anew (remastered) 62mins
13) Message 3 - Reflection 23mins
14) Messages 4 & 5 - Introduction 16mins
15) Message 4 - The Feminine Wound (remastered) 13mins
16) Invitation to Remember Messages 1, 4 & 5 Highlights 23mins
17) Message 5 - No Rules! A Rebellion of Love (remastered) 47mins
18) Messages 4 & 5 - Reflection 10mins
19) Appendix - Messiah Seed Radio Talk (remastered) 29mins

Running time: 8 hours plus two eBooks.

Spoken Energy 1 Message Overview:

Message 1 - The Embodiment of Freedom
This is Story's first every spoken message, delivered to an audience of 250 at the Midsummer New Energy Conference in Santa Fe in 2005. 

This message speaks directly to your power of creation and the incredible state of freedom that exists within the state of allowance. It invokes the state of creatorship within you by paradoxically encouraging you to see that there is nothing you need to create through the realization that there is a powerful flow to life that you can harness through the state of allowance. Topics covered include: Being in the Now moment. You are All That Is. No mission. Infinite Energy. The human and the divine. The story you live within. The experience of blocks and barriers. Freeing your story. The release of control. Barriers as shields. There is nothing to fear as all fear is based on unconsciousness. Non-creation exercise. Taking your foot off the brake of your life. Seeing the perfection before you. Healing your wounds. Releasing Self-Judgment. Polarity exercise - releasing things you see as sacred. Entering the joyful flow of life that welcomes you.

Message 2 - Story on Stories
Story speaks on Stories (our chosen state of definition), one of the main themes of his second book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' (included in the collection). See that your Story, despite being an important and integral part of who and what you are, is still just a choice of the moment that you are free to change. Topics covered include: I Am That I Am. You are God. The choice to enter definition. Exercise to see what polarities you are most living through in your perception. Perception / beliefs and your story. The beauty of individuality. The forgetting / remembering of the Wider Reality from which we birth. Feeling the choice of your Self. Loving yourself. Embracing fear. Solidity versus fluidity. Ever expanding freedom. Your relationship with truth. Absolute truth. The omnipotent heart. Separation of thinking and feeling. The creation of your story. The allowance of change.

Message 3 - Choosing Anew
Choosing Anew was Story's third spoken public channel. It was delivered in Copenhagen in October 2005. For many it is most remembered for the fact that a lady on the front row uncontrollably vomited over herself towards the end of the message. She was clearly on a deep, inner journey, and even while throwing up she did not take any action to prevent it. I spoke to her later, wondering what she would say to me. I was relieved when she thanked me and said that the point where she threw up was at the point where I said "Let go of this control and allow life to come to you." So she let go of control and what she had been holding onto was released.

This messages offers a potent energy of renewal in many way, not least of which is an invitation to re-choose your name! Topics covered include: Feeling your presence without control. The breath through which you chose life. Re-choosing your name. Affirming your choice for this life. The power of choice. Going where you are welcome. Rebirth through excitement and desire. Embracing an ever-changing Self. Equality over duality. Equality as freedom. Perfection versus imperfection. Letting go of absolute truth. The energy of 'I Am'. Choosing without fear. The resonance of your heart. The feeling of truth. Evolving truth. The message of your reality. No mission.

Message 4 - The Feminine / Gender Wound
This message was recorded on a private retreat in Mary Magdalene's cave in La Val Dieu, France. It describes how through the human experience being based in duality we explored difference and separation between the genders in our choice to explore definition. It then offers an invitation to heal this divide inside of yourself by recognizing yourself as the creator of it and all that has come from it. We have each played both sides of all victim-abuser dynamics - no exceptions. This invitation is a calling within each of us to experience more of our connection (wholeness) with each other. As such this is a wound that only you can ultimately heal for yourself by shedding victim-hood, shame and guilt in order to be the full sovereign creator that you are who is BOTH spans both the feminine and the masculine.

Message 5 - No Rules! A Rebellion of Love
"For as long as we were not in contact with our hearts, rules were an appropriate expression of a society seeking a state of civilization. Rules helped keep us safe and even seemed to free us at times; but as we are awakening and coming into communion with our hearts, so it is appropriate to live from our hearts and not the rules that surround us. This is to have the courage to be yourself. It is time for rebellion; a revolution of love." - Story Waters.

Story explores the possibility of consciousness / existence without rules as he opens up the possibility to experience a deeper level of freedom within. This is to move closer to the state of non-physical consciousness which exists outside of the kinds of limits and definitions that rules are created through. In this discussion rules are revealed not to be 'wrong' or 'mistakes' but as stepping stones that were created with good reason and have served us well. Story describe the process of breaking free from these rules 'a rebellion of love'. Topics covered include: Being any state of definition. That Which Chooses. Perception through beliefs. The subjective versus objective world. How wounds turn into fear-based limits / rules. Historical wounds of religion. Revealing the rules we live by. The path to awakening can never be expressed through rules. What about the rules you believe keep you safe? Resonance versus rules. Rules like loving your children, killing, stealing, taking heroine, and not eating meat. How rules create separation. Fear of there being no limits. Fear of the animalistic Self. Breaking the rules e.g. Family rules. The release of victimhood. Anarchy. Being willing to stand alone. Being the catalyst. Embracing diversity. Sovereignty. Being a rebel. Self liberation. Which rules will you now break?

Running Time: 8 hours + two eBooks.Price: $40