Spoken Energy Two

The Complete, Remastered, Documentation of Story Waters' Spoken Journey.

Spoken Energy 2 is the second album in a new series of recordings that are set to be Story's definitive documentation of his spoken journey. This second collection runs for well over 12 hours and covers Messages 6 to 9 along with highlights from two seminar days and the Invitation to Remember radio show. Listen to the Track 1 Contents Overview below to hear Story talk about the contents of this collection as well as the complete 95 minute Message 8. You may also want to check out Spoken Energy 1 which includes a free 38 minute introduction to the whole Spoken Energy Series.

Listen to a Spoken Energy 2 content overview below:

Full 22 Track Listing - total duration 12.7 hours:
1) Spoken Energy 2 Contents Overview (listen above)
2) Message 6 Introduction (13mins)
3) Message 6 - The Courage to Channel. Part 1 What Is Channeling? (41mins)
4) Message 6 - The Courage to Channel. Part 2 The Experience of Channeling (75mins)
5) Message 6 - The Courage to Channel. Part 3 I Am Channeling (48mins)
6) Message 6 Reflection (13mins)
7) The Four Key Concepts (Invitation to Remember) (41mins)
8) Message 7 Introduction (7mins)
9) Message 7 - Unleash Your Self. Unleash The World (50mins)
10) Message 7 Reflection (10mins)
11) Message 8 Introduction (8mins)
12) Message 8 - The Lie of Ascension. Be Now. Releasing the Cycle of Escape. (95mins) listen for free above
13) Message 8 Reflection (53mins)
14) The Lie of Ascension (Invitation to Remember) (13mins)
15) Message 9 & Seminar Highlights Introduction (11mins)
16) Feb 2007 Brighton Seminar Highlights (71mins)
17) March 2007 San Francisco Pre-Message Seminar Highlights (67mins)
18) Message 9 - The Color of Belief (32mins)
19) March 2007 San Francisco Post-Message Seminar Highlights (43mins)
20) Message 9 & Seminar Highlights Reflection (5mins)
21) 700 Words (Invitation to Remember) (9mins)
22) Appendix: The Sage Seeds (Invitation to Remember) (51mins)

Running Time: 12+ hours.
Price: $40

Details of Main Messages:

Message 6 - The Courage to Channel. How to Meet Another Version of Yourself.
The Courage to Channel is a three part recording where Story goes into detail as to his understanding of what channeling is, including how to get the most from listening to it. This includes:
Part 1) What Is Channeling? Story explains how to better understanding what channeling is, whether or not you wish to try it yourself. This is because whether you are the channeler yourself or just listening, the aim is the same; channeling is to meet another form of beingness within YOUR self.  It is an energetic meeting in the Now moment. This about releasing a level of separation and becoming more consciousness of our wider, non-physical nature. Topics covered in part 1 include words versus energy, falling asleep in channels, the Now moment of a channel outside of linear time, take what resonates and leave the rest, not giving away your power, sovereignty, how channeling is meeting another version of your Self, equality with the non-physical, tuning fork analogy, self-healing through channeling, how channeling is about remembering the wider reality / your wider Self, channeling your own divinity.
Part 2) The Experience of Channeling. Story explores the subjective nature of channeling and why it is so unique for each person that experiences it. To channel is always to meet more of yourself. This means there cannot be areas of your being that you refuse to explore as channeling will always lead you right to them as they represent the areas of greatest resistance within you. With the subjective nature of channeling clearly established Story then goes on to describe in detail the journey of his own experience of channeling from its first appearance in his creative writing. This is all done with Story's usual level of vulnerability as he shares many personal moments from his journey.
Part 3) I Am Channeling Story closes the recording by channeling the energy of channeling itself. Topics covered include: Channeling from the heart. Understanding that whatever you wish to meet you must meet it through your experience of Self. How in listening to channeling you are meeting someone meeting themselves. The unfolding of their own wider self. Becoming a participant in the Now moment of a channeled message. Speaking from the moment of realization. The value of channelers who share of their humanity. Opening to the unknown. How you are channeling the channeler you are listening to. Ends with Gold Pool Energetic Exercise which reveals hidden fears you may have about connecting with your full psychic senses that perceive across of all levels of reality.

Message 7 - Unleash Your Self. Unleash The World.
This is a powerful message for all who have come to turn away from the world as a part of their personal spiritual path. With an acknowledgment that this turning away is a natural part of the awakening process, Story then highlights how once you have come to a foundation of 'know thyself' the next step is then back into the world as this represents the full meeting of the Human Self and the Divine Self within you - the integration of All That You Are.

Topics covered include: Awakening is into life, not away from life. Loving yourself can come through meeting the world. Identifying the fearful leashes you have placed upon your Self in fearing your own freedom - the feared uncontrolled change. Anarchy and harmony in one. The release of civilization. Seeing the ways in which you may have turned away from the world through your spiritual awakening. You are free to live in your bubble of spirituality. Unleashing your spirit on the world and unleashing the world on your spiritual self. To create a dream of the physical you must be connect the physical. Addictions and the wounds they may have left you with. Trusting in who you have become to re-enter the world and deal with situations that once wounded you. The joys and power of co-creation. To birth you divinity into physicality is to live your dream. The tools of freedom your awakened self possesses through knowing itself. Drawing from the world without being drained by it. Validation from within rather than through the external. There is only one freedom. The world's freedom is your freedom. Free your self to free the world.

Message 8 - The Lie of Ascension. Be Now. Releasing the Cycle of Escape.  (listen for free at the top of this page)
Story explains how most ideas of Ascension within the New Age movement are actually just re-expressions of old church energy in the way they cause people to seek their present reality in order to attain a future reality (re-expressions of escaping Earth to get to Heaven / escaping being human to be spirit). This is clearly demonstrated as you are invited to discover where the energy of escape is operating within you. This is done through a three stage process:
Stage 1) The Energy of Escape. Through the understanding that the archetypical boundary within us is fear itself, Story extends an invitation to meet your fearful Self through identifying your desire to escape various elements of the human experience. This demands the listeners participation to feel something they may not want to acknowledge but through facing this fear comes the power to transform it and be released from its confinement.
Stage 2) The Key to All Cages. Having identified the energy of escape you are then invited to see how there is only really One energy of escape and thereby there is really only One cage. This means there is also One key that unlocks it. Stage 2 reveals that key lies in the freedom of your choice / creatorship. There is one of everything with many faces. The key and the cage are a separation that you heal through unifying them and both are released. You may be in a cage, but the key is in your pocket. It is to see that you are the creator of the cage: you are you own jailer: thereby you are free. Every answer to what you seek is within the realization of your choice. "There is nothing else in existence to give your power away to." The denial that you are the cause of your own pain is what separates the key and the cage. Seeing the key does not destroy the cage, it is that you see that you are not confined by it. This is the realization that no journey is necessary to free you. Freedom is not the answer, it is a choice.
Stage 3) As Above. So Below. The realization that physical plane is not separate from the spiritual plane, but is a direct translation of it, is used to further confront our desire for the spiritual plane to be 'a better place' than the human plane. How to apply the keys of freedom you have discovered are then explored through the realization that in recognizing your creatorship you do not need to reject limitation or confinement because they are not 'wrong' they are merely tools of creation. This is all conveyed through powerful invitation to release the feelings of separation and escape within you. Death will not solve anything as you are not trapped within life. Ascension is an expression of separation, there is no separation between spirituality and physicality. Stop seeking to try and escape your self. Here is where everything happens.

Message 9 - The Color of Belief
Story channels from a space of "I am the freedom of belief. I am free to believe." The Color of Belief is the first message to focus specifically on understanding the importance of your belief system because of how it shapes your very perception and thereby your reality. Your beliefs form the color of your reality. The message begins with the understanding that you are not your beliefs, your beliefs are something you are having a relationship with and as such you have the power to transform that relationship to one that is conscious of yourself as the creator of your reality. Discussion includes: The polarity of beliefs. Consciousness of your power to change your beliefs. Seeing the price of a belief. Beliefs as a choice for a journey rather than right or wrong. Being without belief. Identifying your spiritual beliefs. Living many lives within one life span. Beliefs as a wardrobe of clothes. The feeling of truth. Releasing destination. Moving beyond beliefs that once healed you. Enjoying your healed aspects instead of only focusing on your wounds. The flow of effortlessness. Being yourself as the only true destination.

Brighton Feb 2007 Seminar Highlights
After a brief discussion about how he came to channel, Story delivers a guided opening energetic exercise about the release of expectations in order to open up the greatest potential inside of yourself and be fully present. Next Story answers audience questions. Topics include: Channeling as speaking from your heart. Not giving away your power to channeling. The release of control. The power of speaking. You are not separate from what you want to experience. Take what resonates and leave the rest. What is it to be a conscious creator. Facing total self responsibility. Using blocks as signposts to where you have disconnected yourself. Reality as the greatest teacher. Releasing energy stored in wounds. Viewing difficult experiences from a positive vantage point. Following your heart in the moment as opposed to using a bigger picture to navigate. The power of letting go of things that are not welcoming you. The power of stopping. Moving with the cycles of your life. The choice of the people in your life. Are we free or predetermined? The momentum of your energy. People who live in the past or the future instead of the present. Revealing what you project onto others by removing them from your focus. Healing relationship wounds. What are prophecies and predictions based on? What is the 2012 shift? The relationship between fear and terrorism. Letting go of hierarchical/linear beliefs in reincarnation. Not giving power to past lives but option of using them as a reflection. Numerology and tarot card readers. Only one pain in the world. Speaking with departed loved ones. Integrating your shadowside. Letting go of dualistic perception. Breaking stressful patterns. Global warming.

San Francisco March 2007 Seminar Highlights
After an introduction about the channeling process Story leads a 15 minute energetic exercise to open the audience to meet the experiences of the day through the opening of a state of complete allowance. This is followed by discussion on: Conscious creatorship. Know thyself. Releasing the idea of singular path. There are no mistakes. Releasing struggle. Letting go of control. Change can be easy. Letting go of 'Zen-like' ideals in your spiritual journey. Life as a playground. The truth of 'transcendent stillness'. Ascension maps. Freedom through the release of purpose. How to channel yourself. Your participation in the channeling process. The message versus authorship. The belief in 'evil'. Story's experience of a possessive energy. Story's inner experience while speaking. Story's experience of going into a state of universal consciousness and the forgetting of himself. Seeing the perfection in something like war.

Following on from The Color Of Belief Story speaks in sessions 3 and 4 on the following topics: Why do we choose wounds? The creation of Self and Other. Understanding duality.  The core wound of separation. How we want to return to Earth when we die. The purpose of physical pain. Awakening through choices,. Facing what you avoid. Empowered perception through self-responsibility. Releasing old stuck energies gracefully. How do you know if the message means you? How Story and Lee Harris met and started working together. Difference between Story and Lee's channeling. How Story approaches his work. Story's biggest fear about being a channeler. Having authentic boundaries. Issues with the term 'lightworker'. Being open to your shadowside. The choice for love or fear. Terrorism and the state of fear. Being controlled by others. Freedom as honoring the right to go to war. Coming back less evolved. The line of consciousness. First telling of Story's experience with a suicidal friend later used in No More Cords. The power of honesty. Service being through your joy. The biggest issue for healers. Example of working with suicidal client. The right to suffer. Exploring being selfish.

Running Time: 12+ hours.
Price: $40