Story's Flow Messages (2015-16)

Story's Flow Messages
Oct 2015 to April 2016

This album contains the messages that were recorded for members of 'The Flow' (the follow-on to the Freedom Circle) from the end of 2015 and first half of 2016. Sessions may be purchased individually or as a discounted whole. A video download of the You Will Be Met which also features Roger Hanson as well as Seth is included along with the audio versions. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a discounted whole.

Session Descriptions

Opening To Be Supported - Oct 2015
In this inspirational recording Story talks about the concept of wanting to feel more support in your life through the lens of 'Be The Change You Want To Experience'. This serves as a powerful reminder of just how we create not only through our beliefs, but through how our beliefs shape our actions. Are you ready to bring consciousness to the energy of support within your energy field?

You WIll Be Met - Nov 2015 - bonus video included.
With friends visiting them, instead of the usual Perspectives Show, Story and Roger combine an art session with a Seth message! Roger focuses a beautiful image of Story's emerging Self while Seth delivers a powerful message of freedom that explains how this world must ultimately meet All That You Are as a part of the awakening process. This understanding will free you to live without comprise. It is recommended you watch the video first time. Mp3s of the full session as well as just the Seth message are included.

The Wounded Self- Dec 2015
With the final new broadcast of the year Story delivers a personal message about his own experience of the wounded Self and the experience of healing wounds. Includes Story's first teaching of 'Inside the happy slave is the King'.

Joined At The Will - Jan 2016
'Connected At The Will' which dives deeper into the primary implication of the One Self Teachings and how this relates to free will. Other topics include sharing your shade, resistance to connection, the choice for openness and honesty, embracing your wounded Self, being connected to other worlds, how circumstance shapes choice, and seeing the Earth as the only vessel of reality.

Stand Clear - Feb 2016
This is a powerful message called a 'reality check' as opposed to a 'pep talk' to see that it is you that has chosen the current challenges that you are experiencing on Earth.

Experimental Channeling - March 2016
Story talks about one of the biggest misunderstandings about channeling followed by a discussion of his experimental channeling process. The mp3 concludes with the twenty minute channel where Story first met Seth as a library (the frozen in carbonite moment).

White Rabbit Experimental Channel - Feb 2016
Story experiments with diving down energetic rabbit holes.

Hektr- Master Windows / Phoenixes Live Forever - April 2016
In this challenging channel Hektr speaks while Story is distracted listening to music through headphones. This leads to a potent high level message that expresses a fresh multi-dimensional take on eternity, rebirth, forgetting, remembering and death. Ideas explored include death will solve nothing, it is the natural emergence from the journeys you have chosen to experience. What you do not believe in reality is you is what emerges as separate from you. You do not want to forget this world. And the channeled perspective as an ideal. Due to the unique nature of this message it is provided both with and without a musical backing. This message was recorded shortly after Perspectives with Seth 25.

This Life Will Stand Forever - April 2016
This powerful message that includes the energies of Domk, Hektr and Seth was delivered through a live broadcast in April 2016. Audience feedback: "I really enjoyed the re-emergence of Domk and especially the concept of this world as a playground. I had definitely lost sight of that element of lighthearted playfulness and seem to be stuck in a feeling of hard work in the progression of the game. I'm going to now re-evaluate my position, and all the game elements, and start constructing an exciting and adventurous next level. That appears to involve confronting my fear of freedom to be able to move into, and fully embody, it as a real-life experience." - "that was utterly intimately for me resonating in mirroring my own heart wisdom / blueprint, my own intention, for this self, that I exclaimed it was the best thing I've ever heard to date in an identity of a self! in this wondrous life..."

Appendix - Story's farewell message at the closing of the Flow in November is also included.

Running time: 9.5 hours

Price: $80