The Abundant Reality Focus Course

The 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus ran with daily live broadcasts for 22 days. This is channelers' Story Waters and Roger Hanson's most in-depth and advanced exploration of abundance. The complete collection runs for fifteen hours across 22 sessions.

Bonus videos included - Five bonus videos of sessions 1, 8, 15, 21, & 22 (running for over 6 hours) are included with the mp3s. These are the extended question and answers sessions, a visionary art session with Roger Hanson, as well as course launch and closing channels from Story Waters.

Running time: 15 hours

Invitation From Story: Roger Hanson and I have created The 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus specifically for those who want to experience a more abundant reality but have found that traditional law of attraction courses don't work. We are going to start where traditional courses leave off.

Key to this working will be the powerful intent we will launch the three week course with. This intention isn’t going to be just about attracting abundance, it is going to be a commitment to face whatever fear (in the form of personal issues, wounds, judgments, self-worth issues, limiting beliefs, dependence, etc.) you are carrying that is your own personal obstacle to abundance.

If you want to live in an abundant reality then happy thoughts are a good start, but they aren’t enough. You are not burdened with financial obstacles because you are unevolved or not deserving. Here on Earth we are each Masters of Consciousness that have chosen to take on personal challenges in order to experience the joy of transforming them.

This is why happy thoughts aren’t enough. You are a lightworker that came to transform energies, not a vacationer looking to relax. This doesn’t mean you can’t have abundance. The very idea of abundance is a powerful motivation that is pointing you towards the transformation of the obstacles you are personally facing. The understanding is that if you want to live in an abundant reality, then as well as having happy abundant thoughts, you need to face the fears that stand between you and it. This is what we are all going to do together.

In The 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus we are going to cover both bases with Abundant Focus and Fear Clearing teachings and exercises.

Firstly there will be the consistent focus for three weeks on abundance. We are going to lead you in having a positive experience everyday which will build a powerful, rolling, collective energy that everyone can tap into and use in their own manifestation. The results we had with the original 20/20 Practical Intuition Course were extraordinary. The simple power of focusing on one idea from many angles for three weeks cannot be underestimated. Add to that the power of our collective intention and the potential for each of us is extraordinary.

Secondly there will be the focus on your blocks. The good news here is that you won’t need to go looking for them. By powerfully focusing on abundance through the course, your blocks will quickly emerge as they will be in conflict with the free-flowing energy we will all be bathing in each day. What makes this course so effective is that we won’t be telling you these blocks aren’t real, and we won’t be telling you to focus on a happier thoughts instead. We are going to give you the tools and encouragement to go into these blocks and transform them. Whether the blocks are overt fears, limited beliefs, or self-worth issues you have the ability to release them from your life if you are willing to travel into the heart of your being.