The Awakening Codes Amplification

Adventures in Consciousness Five

The Awakening Codes Amplification is an expansion of the popular text of the same name (12,000 word unabridged PDF version included), delivering in-depth information on this popular topic.

Take the incredible Adventure in Consciousness that Seth led channeler Story Waters on as he took Story out of his body on an amazing ride to meet Future Seth (AKA Seth 2), Story's wider spiritual family, and The AWAKENING CODES.

Over a three hour broadcast Story dives deeper into the Awakening Codes concepts as well as sharing more personal details of the out of body experiences that Seth took him on - includes actual audio from the beings Story met on his rides out of his body.

This is a three part broadcast: Session 1 - 72mins. Session 2 - 52mins. Session 3 - 52mins.
Total running time: 3 hours. Price: $24 (includes original unabridged eBook).