The awakening.notes Collection

awakening.notes + Simply Story recordings.

This album contains the 14 'awakening.notes' and 4 'Simply Story' shows that were released at a time where Story wanted to take all definition off what a recording would be. The awakening.notes series therefore contains an advanced mix of channeled messages and personal reflections. This collection is recommended for those deeper into the work due to the eclectic advanced nature of these particular recordings. Although they contain many teachings (some offered no where else), they are predominantly for those looking to better understand Story's experience from his personal perspective. Sessions may be purchased individually or as a discounted collection.

Individual Session Descriptions

This is the first of the new exploratory, 'awakening.note' sessions. This inaugural message includes a surprise appearance by Seth. Topics covered include the creation of separation, the biblical story of Eve and the serpent, and the unknown origin of a motion that affects all realities

Seth makes another welcome appearance and discusses how the one archetypical mystic incarnates again and again to experience the translation of the mystics experience into the concepts of the age.

Story further elaborates on the active nature of the mass consciousness program including how language can act to limit us. Other topics include Gallileo, how technology has evolved conceptualization, synesthesia, ASMR and the willingness to learn.

Story works through a personal issue coming up for him in the notes sessions themselves before leading into discussion of being conscious in the 5th dimension versus channeling it. Seth then comes through with a message on the importance of coming to marvel at yourself.

Story continues to explore the ideas that he is moving through as he begins to create his online Wiki and falls deeper into a more direct experience of the Bridging Consciousness and meeting the world's issues as his own.

Story looks at fear of the world not as a wound to be healed, but as a place within the Bridiging Consciousness that represents fear of the pioneering energy. Here you can experience the transformation of the psychic space that is experienced as fear. To enter the 5th dimension from the intervening state is to take a new form back on. Specifically at this time the taking on of the world's issues as your own. This culminates in the realization that the 5th dimension as a whole new journey. To arrive there is to begin again. Awakening is not a magic wand for the Earth, it is the tools to resolve our present day issues. And we must walk that journey.

Story describes how he is starting to experience the defining features of the 5th dimension begin to assert themselves. Are you ready to start experiencing the Bridging Consciousness as one of the primary aspects of the Self within? Are you ready to see your life as the choice of the Bridging Consciousness seeking global resolution as opposed to an individual seeking personal resolution?

Awakening Notes 8 was recorded on the Friday evening of the F.I.R.E. Retreat and was recorded on video. Seth opens the message by talking about the reduncancy of evidence in the face of understanding that you create through your beliefs. Jane then beautifully rounds off the session.

Engulfed in Clarity, Story articulates a singularity of focus that is birthing in him and is experienced as the release of dilemma and complete clarity of purpose. This is the unabridged awakening.notes session that is used in Sun Words 9.

In awakening.notes.10 a new voice emerges and Story speaks further of the release of dilemma, especially in relation to the release of the need to explain himself. This culminates in a powerful invitation directly from Source / the Bridging Consciousness within him.

Story records an experience that he is having in that moment with his voice as he discovers the 'voice of Source' that exists within us all - the free open voice/channel.

After relating a personal 'dark night of the soul' Story reflects on the concept of responsibility for our actions in the past when viewed from the 5th Dimensional perspective of the Bridging Consciousness. "I am the Bridging Consciousness and I choose all the unconsciousness in the world. Anger at it is denial of that." Relating this to seeing the world without anger, he then reveals the concept of the devil as being an excuse to not be personally accountable.

This live broadcast was recorded a month after the Seth Retreat. In it both Story and Seth reflect on the retreat and the release from spiritual dilemma it has initiated in Story.

This was a live broadcast following one of the 20/20 Unlocking the 5th Dimension broadcasts. In it Story talks about the connect between the choice for technology and the loss of privacy.

Simply Story 1
Following the 5th 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus broadcast Story delivered the first in a new series of recordings called 'Simply Story'. In this edition Story relays an awakening experience that started the previous day following on from the 20/20 message. Topics covered include why the Earth was created, what it is addressing on the 'other side', and Story's memory of choosing to come to Earth and the reality remembering it has brought him to.

Simply Story 2
This Simply Story show was delivered as one of Story's regular live broadcasts. In the broadcast Story talks about his unfolding reality, money, retreats and stepping out of your comfort zone. The show includes a powerful choice to invite your spirit to push you.

Simply Story 3
This session was delivered not long after Seth's 'The Zero Point' Transmission. In it Story reflects on the point of transition and change of matter that he is currently experiencing.

Simply Story 4
This Simply Story show further explores the transformation of what matters through the loss of identity with a particular focus on the release of the past/memory. Story recounts personal experiences he is going through including the realization that what has felt like falling through different identities has in fact been the integration of new templates. Story also reflects on his on mortality and how this is now figuring in his personal choices.

Appendix - The Shift Show - Sept 2015 (album only)
In this special personal recording Story talks about a significant shift of Self he had experienced at the end of July 2015.

Running time: 11.5 hours.

Price: $66