The Courage To Channel

Original artwork by Story.

Original artwork by Story.

UPDATED VERSION - remastered and now includes a new introduction (13mins) and reflection (13mins)

The Courage to Channel. How to Meet Another Version of Yourself.
The Courage to Channel is a three part recording where Story goes into detail as to his understanding of what channeling is, including how to get the most from listening to it  This includes:

Part 1) What Is Channeling?
Story explains how to better understanding what channeling is, whether or not you wish to try it yourself. This is because whether you are the channeler yourself or just listening, the aim is the same; channeling is to meet another form of beingness within YOUR self.  It is an energetic meeting in the Now moment. This about releasing a level of separation and becoming more consciousness of our wider, non-physical nature. Topics covered in part 1 include words versus energy, falling asleep in channels, the Now moment of a channel outside of linear time, take what resonates and leave the rest, not giving away your power, sovereignty, how channeling is meeting another version of your Self, equality with the non-physical, tuning fork analogy, self-healing through channeling, how channeling is about remembering the wider reality / your wider Self, channeling your own divinity.

Part 2) The Experience of Channeling.
Story explores the subjective nature of channeling and why it is so unique for each person that experiences it. To channel is always to meet more of yourself. This means there cannot be areas of your being that you refuse to explore as channeling will always lead you right to them as they represent the areas of greatest resistance within you. With the subjective nature of channeling clearly established Story then goes on to describe in detail the journey of his own experience of channeling from its first appearance in his creative writing. This is all done with Story's usual level of vulnerability as he shares many personal moments from his journey.

Part 3) I Am Channeling.
Story closes the recording by channeling the energy of channeling itself. Topics covered include: Channeling from the heart. Understanding that whatever you wish to meet you must meet it through your experience of Self. How in listening to channeling you are meeting someone meeting themselves. The unfolding of their own wider self. Becoming a participant in the Now moment of a channeled message. Speaking from the moment of realization. The value of channelers who share of their humanity. Opening to the unknown. How you are channeling the channeler you are listening to. Ends with Gold Pool Energetic Exercise which reveals hidden fears you may have about connecting with your full psychic senses that perceive across of all levels of reality.