The Creative Spark

For anyone who enjoys being creative.

The Creative Spark was a one day event designed to explore and unleash your creative energy. The event was held in Story and Roger's home the following weekend from the Seth Retreat and consists of three sessions.

In the first session Seth through Story talks about the human creative process and how best to harness it. In the second Roger connects with a being named NoNo, which he later discovered means ninth-born child. This wise feminine energy speaks of creative energy and then takes the participants on a powerful guided experience of seeing the manifestation of their dreams in different realities & dimensions.

In the final session of The Creative Spark Story and Roger continue to explore the nature of creativity through audience questions while Roger also brings through an image. Alba also makes his presence known. The day then ends with Story leading a gonging session which is presented here in its entirety.

Due to their visual elements both Sessions 2 and 3 are provided with video links as well as audio. This is the perfect recording for anyone who enjoys being creative.

Running time: 3 hours.

Price: $30 (includes two videos).