Earth Consciousness Reports

The Earth Consciousness Reports was a three-session one-day event designed to feel and express the energies of Consciousness on Earth and 'report' on them. This open remit produced three powerful messages, two from Story plus a channeled visionary art session with Roger Hanson which produced the cover image you see (video included of this section). The entire day covered a range of perspectives on earth consciousness and will help you discover perspectives on the awakening Earth system with it's deep state of fear-based mass-consciousness program such that you feel empowered and excited by the state of the world instead of fearful of it.


Earth Consciousness Report 1 - Story Waters - 41mins
Story speaks of the wider territories of consciousness that open through channeling giving you wider perspectives on the Earth from outside of it from which you can focus on the Earth and come to new understandings about it. Topics include: Individuality versus Collective Consciousness. Extending of your sense of Self. Open perception beyond the mass consciousness program experience of the Earth. The level of unconsciousness. The bridge of connection. Feeling 'less human' as you awaken. Understanding your difference. The diverse spread of levels of consciousness on Earth. Awakening into the world through the release of fear of it. Opening the playground. Why fear matters so much. The balance of fear and joy. Re-choosing what matters to you. Creating from the point of new consciousness.

Earth Consciousness Report 2 - Roger Hanson - 48mins
Roger was drawn to venture out into the dirt trails just behind their home above Lake Hodges in California. Taking the entire pad, Roger pressed it to the ground, the dirt, the earth, and began to move it vigorously, capturing as much texture and earth as possible. Then during his actual channeled section, this face emerged which Roger quickly highlighted for the audience to see. This was followed by a message from the earth itself, which had personified itself for this event with the intention of putting a face to the energy so that individual and new relationships could be formed with the energy of the earth. With so many on the earth feeling as if things are going wrong and wondering why they are here, the earth consciousness asked us all to remember the invitation extended and accepted (and the choice from another perspective) to be born into this beautiful earth reality - and also reminding us of the unconditional love with which this invitation was extended to all - and the neutrality of any expectations about what any one experience would be on the earth. The earth loves all and all experiences on it.

Earth Consciousness Report 3 - Story Waters - 42mins
Story's message continues with topics including: Being an open versus closed system. Being an explorer of All That Is. The original conception of the Earth through imagination. Unconsciousness and disconnection. You are still within the birthing moment. Navigation through the heart. Rejection and hate mattering as much as what you love. Foundational template levels of fear. Using your focus to transform an experience of fear. Dissolving your fears. Deactivating your personal minefields. The human experience as a journey. Your relationship with money / the money sticking-point. The transition from old to new. What matters to you?

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Total running time: 130 minutes.

Price: $30 (includes bonus video of section 2)