The Final Death Walk


This was the final advanced Adventures in Consciousness weekend featuring five sessions from Story Waters (5 hours) which deliver his deepest exploration of polarization and the profound "THIS IS IT" realization. Also includes three channeled sessions from Roger Hanson (2.5 hours).


I’m pleased to say that I now have details about the upcoming Adventures in Consciousness broadcast weekend. This week I had an incredible multi-dimensional experience where I looked through the window of death and saw myself birthing. What was so particular (and shocking) is that rather than experiencing it as how death leads to rebirth, I experienced it as the whole circle of life in a way that directly showed me how we are always acting upon ourselves in everything we do (regardless of where our thoughts or action are directly).

For the Final Death Walk I will be diving into it for an old-style adventures in consciousness experience here I seek to not only convey a powerful experience in consciousness that I have had, but to have you experience it directly.

What was so immediately apparent when I saw this constant action-on-the-self was how this reality was like a kind of game where you play with the properties of contrast and balance in the creation of a self. This very much reminded me of messages like Game Theory and the ‘I Can Create Anything Realization’ in the way that it offers a view of our reality as being a game that we can master, but what is so radical is how what it describes is NOT a game of accumulation or domination (which is the basis for nearly all of our games).

I look forward to delivering at least three consecutive sessions on the Saturday that are exploratory, experiential and experimental. If this life is about harmony and balance, rather than conquest and power, what does that game look like? What is a game that isn’t about winning? This will also include my first in-depth exploration of the idea that the full path of the evolution of our consciousness is all concurrently present on Earth.

This may all spill over into the Sunday broadcast where I will deliver a further two sessions, but I have also seen that we will be exploring the idea of the ways in which we are observed by wider-consciousness during our life. What really stuck me when I saw this topic is how I experience a high-degree of permeability with the non-physical as being entirely normal and yet it is an area of understanding that there is a lot of confusion about and perhaps even a little paranoia.

All of this adventuring in consciousness will also include additional sections from Roger and we are excited to be doing this broadcast from our home with a small audience so there will be particularly high-energy. For myself it feels to be a return to the very beginning of the Adventures in Consciousness series with the Fyre Death Walk.

With love,