The Freedom Exercises Collector's Edition


Created by Lee Harris and Story Waters, The Freedom Exercises is a five stage journey into freedom - Release, Trust, Open, Receive and Awaken. This special collector's edition includes remasters of all Story's sections plus additional bonus recordings (2+ hours) from Story and Lee's Invitation To Remember radio show and Abundance seminar. 

The Freedom Exercises is a journey over six MP3s into the energy of awakening, leading you through five healing stages - Release, Trust, Open, Receive and Awaken. There are talks, channels, guided exercises and visualizations throughout; all aimed at helping you awaken the power of your energy - the power of your Self.  The Freedom Exercises makes for compelling listening and covers much on the current awakening of the planet and how it will manifest on the Earth in future decades. This groundbreaking set of recordings is an 'audio workshop' which you can do in your own time at your own pace, and revisit the exercises and channels individually using them as a powerful toolbox through your life. For those of you wanting a deeper connection with your Self and your energy, if you have a sense of an awakening occurring within you, or if you wish to explore how to live your life energetically, then The Freedom Exercises is for you. Enjoy the journey to awakening. It is yours to claim. Let The Freedom Exercises be your guide. Runtime: 8+ hours.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the freedom exercises. I have loved them, had no idea what to expect and it ended up being the most transformative experience I have consciously initiated for myself so far. I feel so thoroughly changed & liberated that I had to write to express my appreciation for your assistance in this part of my journey. It must be wonderful to be able to facilitate such change in people through your work." - Emily, USA.