The Fyre Death Walk

Adventures in Consciousness Zero.
One of Story's most acclaimed recordings.

The Fyre Death Walk is a journey into 'Veil of Forgetting' or 'Death'. This is the mechanism that creates the illusion of the human experience. When we enter into this reality we pass through the veil of forgetting in order to forget that we are Unified Source Consciousness, such that we can then have an individuated experience of Self. It was Story's desire to share his experiences, realizations, and revelations in this cutting edge space that led to the creation of the 'Death Walk Live' broadcast. Over four mp3s that run for two hours and forty minutes, Story takes you from his personal experiences (part 1), to the new model of consciousness that they suggest (part 2), to shining the light of that clarity right back at you in a series of 'confrontations' (part 3) and then the climatic, potentially life shattering experience of the final exercise (part 4). 

Fyre Death Walk Testimonials

“That was quite something! It really is beyond words at this point. Actually I am quite overwhelmed.” - Joy, CO, USA

“I feel so honored to have been a part of today... I need to digest and listen to it again, to find the words, not even sure if there are words for it.” - Shirley, Canada

“As I went through the final exercise and I popped out of the illusion. This is a first time experience and there is only freedom at the moment.” - Bob, Canada

“I cannot articulate in words that what happened. A mind blowing experiment! Speechless.” - Ivo, Latvia

“I do not really know how to express the appreciation and gratitude for what has been shared today. How much beauty can we share. How much vulnerability and transparency brings such a beautiful synchronicity as I have lived today.” - Jean-Pierre, Canada

“WOW! No words to describe. It felt like deep surgery into my beingness and physical body. You are beyond amazing in all that you have been, are, and are becoming. I love you/us more than ever. I went through a lot. Loved it. Still loving it, still going through a lot. Intense” - Eliane, Netherlands

“What an amazing broadcast. I feel exhausted, and I am not sure why. I guess facing one's fears is hard work.” - Robert, MO, USA

“Wow. I feel blessed to have been part of the Death Walk experience. I am truly honored to have found you, Story. I have no fear of dying.” - Kari, CO, USA

“I love you Story Waters. You are truly a Master.” - Carla, FL, USA


It is strongly recommended (if you want the fullest experience) to listen to the whole recording in one sitting laying back with your eyes closed.


Running time: 164 minutes.

Price: $30