Class Two - The Holographic Self

Connect with the Infinite Eternal Library of Selves Within You.

This is the second One Self Teachings Class that devotes all three sections to the subject of the Holographic Self and how to better consciously and directly connect with this living library of Selves by releasing blocks in your perception that you have used to give meaning to your difference in the world. All three sections are included in Mp3 audio format. Additionally you will also receive a bonus video download of part 1 of the class.

Part One - The Holographic Self - 71 mins.
Part Two - Your Block To Connection - 56 mins.
Part Three - Specialization through Compartmentalization - 40 mins.
Duration: 167 mins.

The Holographic Self Audience Testimonials

"I'm really excited about the way Story has brought things together for me. I'm fully on board with both holography and the god self, but would never have thought to articulate the connection in such an imaginative and accessible way. I also love the correlation between this concept and the idea of the only relationship being with self...something that is often uttered glibly as a cliche but holds incredible power when engaged with the courage to be ruthlessly honest about that relationship. The relationship course will be exceptional, I feel!"

"The specialness concept stood out to me. One of the things that turns me off when I hear channelers/spiritual groups (religious groups-samesies) - who talk about their specialness as they are the chosen ones- some how better/above everyone else. This has always been a rub for me because I know that we are all equal. I know it and have felt it. However, I do experience judgement in various forms- and it can be a battle to maintain that feeling of equality when people are unconscious a-holes (lol).  What I liked here was the discussion around traversing between feeling special with the knowing it is because we are stood on the backs of others. The others (all of us) helped us get here. How could it be any other way? It is a way to have it both ways- that consciousness is special and rare but we are not better than any one else and going a step further, everyone else helped us get here. The concept provides balance and acceptance. "

"I so very much like the analogy of being rich in consciousness- and how are we going to use it? The comparison being to people with extreme wealth and how they use their money. It was validating too- hey thank you- I am rich in consciousness and hearing that changed my perception of my owning of my own consciousness. And here this felt tied to purpose to me. Kind of picked me off the floor, dusted me off and pointed me back in the ring. But by choice- which is different, conscious choice. With the knowing that we are all in this together and love ties this whole thing up."

"Thank you, the class is brilliant. The elephants are huge and we have been examining them from different angles for a while. Now I am facing the forehead of the one and creating the meaning of my feeling of alienation. Thank you for articulating it sooo clearly. We humans love analogy, don't we? I am still hanging on this tree considering my sense of belonging, my ignorance of being ignorant before being picked and squeezed. Paradox is another beauty of this wonderland."

"Somehow in pondering my specialization in consciousness and realizing how very peculiar that is compared to the overall purpose of a human life in general; and knowing that in order to experience that sort of specialization there were many lives in the tree of the One Self leading up to me, and I myself stand on the backs of and with all those lives now; and realizing further that any kind of intense specialization like this sacrifices other experiences (witness Jane Roberts’ health issues); a piece fell into place in my mind which changes the way I think about my relationship with my body, and accordingly how I live my life from moment to moment. I feel much freer.  Thank you, Story, for leading me to this insight.  It’s so fascinating when a realization falls into place and everything reorganizes itself internally!"