The Mirror Retreat

StorySun Hot-Seating Highlight.

Full-Spectrum Deep Reflection & Personal Exploration.

This is the 13 open sessions from the 5-Day Laguna Beach Mirror Retreat with Story Waters and Roger Hanson. With each afternoon being open personal participant sharing and discussions (not recorded) this is a retreat where the messages are powerfully connected to the deepest questions and blocks within us as each. Video downloads are included for all four visionary art sessions.

Running time: 9 hours.

Session Descriptions

Session 1 - Story - The First Butterfly. (66 mins)
SunSon launches the Mirror Retreat with Session 1 - The First Butterfly with Jane taking the lead around halfway through the message (when it starts talking about buds and butterflies).

Session 2 - Roger - The Presence of Beings - Video Included. (60 mins)
Roger takes you on a journey through the presence of forteen different beings, each channeled and presented visually. This is a powerful experience and you should create a space for yourself to watch that allows you to fully journey into the incredible diversity of loving energies.

Session 3 - Story - Morning Discussion. (26 mins)
Story leads a discussion about the previous nights 'The Presence of Beings' experience with feedback from participants about some of their experiences and insight from Roger about some of the beings that were presented. Also covered in the candid discussion is the importance of allowing your emotions.

Session 4 - Story - The Earth to Spirit Reality Intersection. (45 mins)
The Earth to Spirit Reality Intersection delivers multiple easily graspable analogies that allow you to better comprehend what the 5th dimension is like and thereby connect with your Awakened Self that already exists there. This leads into the difference between aspects and masks, and realization of how you remove your masks just by seeing/articulating them clearly.

Session 5 - Roger - Finding Your Voice - Video Included. (40 mins)
Roger channels Maxim on how reality changes when one intentionally enters the reflective, looking-glass experience. Maxim then makes clear the importance of the voice in reflective reality and how fears associated with the voice will inhibit one’s experience within it. Ends with a powerful incantation of immersing fully into reality, releasing fears of participating and feeling the flow of freedom manifest through the voice.

Session 6 - Roger - Christina - Video Included. (41 mins)
Christina - a feminine perspective on the shared experience of and transformation of sadness. Roger shares a real-time process of connecting to non-physical beings. The first part of the channel serves as a master class in how to connect with a being, how to drive the communication process through proactive questions, and how to interpret responses through feelings and thoughts. Once connected, we find ourselves in the presence of a feminine energy named Christina who senses sadness in the room, brings immediate compassion, and presents opportunity for transformation.

Session 7 - Story - Just Say What You Feel. (38 mins)
Seth comes in and delivers a message just prior to a StorySun Hot-seating session. With Seth being a part of StorySun this makes for a fresh experience of Seth through Story in a message about the importance of finding your voice. Seth references Roger's session that had just occurred and it is recommended that you have that fresh in memory when enjoying this session.

Session 8 - Story - StorySun Hot-Seating. (69 mins) - video clip at top of page.
This StorySun Hot-Seating Session from the Mirror Retreat is presented with only StorySun speaking. Even though you will not hear what is being asked, you will soon find that in the flow of how the questions are being answered you will find yourself not only completely understanding what it is being said, but that the answers will feel even more directed towards your own personal questions.

Session 9 - Roger - Labyrinth - Video Included. (91 mins)
Roger takes the group on their own journey through art - what he likes to call the Labyrinth - in which the desires and potentials of everyone is projected onto the canvas. Even for those that did not participate in the retreat, you have an opportunity through this video to find insightful information which can be applied to their current day life experiences. The medium of art here created an opening for a visit from a loved one in the non-physical, and even hinted at Story and Roger's upcoming move. An mp3 is not provided as the visuals are integral.

Session 10 - Story - Cut Your Anchors. (79 mins)
Continuing to channel an every changing energy (SunSon, StorySun, Seth & Hektr) Story brings many of retreat themes together and presents a clear choice to Cut Your Anchors and bring the freshness of freedom consciousness into your experience of reality. This culminates in an experience of feeling your future Self (your StorySun) which blends into a God Seed Activation.

Session 11 - Roger - The Beauty of Intimacy - Video Included. (21 mins)
Roger's final art channel of the retreat starts with all the participants contributing marks to the canvas which leads to collective of identical fancies speaking on the beauty of intimacy before leading the participants in a power exercise of looking into each other eyes. Please note the mp3 only contains the channel.

Session 12 - Story - Resurrection Technology. (20 mins)
Story's final channel of the weekend starts with a few words from Seth followed by a very special guest (aided by Jane - listen closely) who had come to give Story some advice for his life. Story had actually connected with this being the previous evening whilst watching him give a unique performance on television.

Session 13 - Story - Gonging. (31 mins)
Story closes the Mirror Retreat with a channeling/gonging/experiential journey to bring everything together.

Running Time: 9 hours.

Price: $50 (includes four visionary art sessions).