The Paradise Point


An In-Depth Exploration of Joy & Fulfillment.

16 Session Course with Story Waters & Roger Hanson.

"Every human heart contains a powerful point of realization that represents a uniquely personal vision of paradise. It is a point of power we play within extensively as children but as we grow up many cut themselves off from this fantasy, perhaps seeing it as childish, often finding it too painful a contrast with the outer world they are experiencing. Bringing deeper consciousness to this paradise within will just be the beginning of our 8-day journey together, as we quickly move to exploring how to make this internal fantasy your external reality. No matter how fantastical your personal vision of paradise is, it is not a dream for another life. It is pointing you towards something in the here and now that you have the power to create outwardly through this life. Join us in accessing the greatest gifts within you such that you can experience the deepest outward joys that this world has to offer. 

With great love,
Story & Roger"

The Paradise Point Audience Testimonials

"Thank you for being who you are and for the work you do! I feel much love and gratitude for the fact that you are in the world. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and transparency."

"Thank you so much for your latest paradise point course. It feels so encompassing combining all the key ideas into one coherent journey. I would call it ... Story and Roger take you on a journey of re-syncing you to the freedom of the now that was always in front of you!"

"I wish to send you both a heartfelt thank you. I am so honored to have shared such profound  energetic experiences facilitated by yourself , Roger and the group.  I resonated with the sessions on so many levels.  I was sitting in the garden with my iPod on with classical music and I felt myself in a large ballroom with you both and about 40-50 people you both started at opposite ends of the ballroom and we all danced a beautiful waltz with each person present, we each had a last person to dance with and your last dance was with each other, as you two danced along with us all the energy increasing exponentially,  we were all suddenly sweptup together and moved to a new ballroom and we became one being and all beings and all started dancing again. Keep dancing. Many Blessings."

"Wow, wow, wow... Sooo much clarity... LOVED, LOVED LOVED... Just one example of clarity... One Eye closing through tunnel to One Eye opening ... Surrounded by windows with each holding a set of eyes... During my journey "infinite number of eyes are seen"! You are, each is an Ambassador of a species, mentality, etc, etc... Sooooooo much LOVE to you both... Such GRATITUDE in meeting you, playing with you in this HUMAN EXPERIENCE... NAMASTE from the depth of my BEING."

"I just want to thank you so much for the Paradise Point class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the intensified focus of 8-day, 2 session format. I could definitely hear and feel the new, beautifully integrated voices speaking through Story, and a new level of empowerment in Roger's channels. With the help of your work, I have been finding myself in paradise points increasingly over the past few years, and especially over the past six months or so. As my experience of myself as Creator and Creation continues to widen, I am find greater empowerment in my body and in our world, while at the same time feeling both closer and farther from everyone I know!  Since the Reality is a Donut course, I have been having experiences of identification with all sides of our increasingly polarized world, and this has brought such peace and clarity. Thank you for helping me shine the sunlight of consciousness upon these seeds within myself. The sunflowers are starting to bloom. And I feel more excited than ever to find creative ways to share this path to paradise with others who might be open. This feels like my heart-calling for the year to come!"