The Potential of Being - Los Angeles 2011

Los Angeles August 2011 Retreat

Story's August 2011 Los Angeles retreat 'The Potential of Being' is available as a six part mp3 collection and contains over six hours of cutting edge material with four new channels/messages and two particularly potent 'questions and answers' section. Of note are session 3 which shows a clear emergence of John Lennon's energy prior to a series of experiences that Story had later in the month. Session 4 contains a strong Sword of Michael energy (explained in the recording).

Session Titles:
Session 1 - Enter the Playground. (75 mins)
Session 2 - Questions and Answers. (74 mins)
Session 3 - Why Love Is the Answer. (47 mins)
Session 4 - The Evolution of Suffering. (64 mins)
Session 5 - Questions and Answers. (68 mins)
Session 6 - The Loving Choice. (33 mins)

"This was a very special seminar for me for many reasons. The energy in the room was very high and strongly focused towards moving forward and creating as pioneers. I made the decision to let the first channel (Enter the Playground) be a reflection of the audience and then devote the next three channels to what I consider to be the three main areas of my being - the bridge (Why Love is the Answer), individuality (The Evolution of Suffering), and unity consciousness (The Loving Choice). By taking areas of my being (rather than topics) and expressing our current state of awakening through that this made the collection of messages a very special bridge in themselves in how they show awakening through such diverse, yet unified, perspectives of consciousness." - Story Waters

Running time: 6 hours

Price: $30