The Relationship Elevator


This is the 15-Day Relationship Elevator Course with Story Waters and Roger Hanson. It explores the deeper understanding of how all experience is relative. Includes videos of sessions 1, 8, 13 and 15. These include a full message from Story, a visionary art session from Roger and two question and answer sections.

"Roger and I are both excited to begin our 15-Day Relationship Elevator Course. This is not just about improving the human relationships in your life (though that is certainly a part of it), it is about elevating your experience of life itself. We will be doing this by exploring, through multiple topics & vantage points, the understanding that ALL EXPERIENCE IS  A FORM OF RELATIONSHIP & CAN BE ELEVATED THROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS OF HOW THIS CONNECTS EVERYTHING. This is going to be an expansive and enlightening topic. Through our collective shared focus for a sustained fifteen days we are going to reinvigorate our perception by seeing it with fresh eyes. We will be exploring how we perceive through the understanding that this is to BRING CONSCIOUSNESS TO HOW WE RELATE at the level of perception. With our fresh eyes and armed with a deeper awareness of the level of choice within perception, we will naturally elevate that level of choice to more joyously relate to the people and experiences within our lives." - Story Waters

Total running time: 14.5 hours.

Price: $60 (includes bonus videos of 4 sessions).


Relationship Elevator Audience Testimonials

"This was my first course and I am so glad that I stepped over the threshold. I actually and undoubtedly feel different from before the course. It has been a very transformative experience. I feel less scared about my relationship to channeling. Hearing you guys express your fears and experiences at different stages really gave me a foundation to sit comfortably on and the invitation for engaging with supports from you and the limitlessness community and people in my life excited me more. I also felt a lot of romantic relationship and work relationship layers peel off and even helped my other sister work through some long standing paranoia and delusions from her experience with mental illness. Your advice to me about choosing to obsessively focus on the good/bad battle in the way i was applied to her as well. Thanks so much!! I love you guys!!!"

"Thank you Story and Roger, what a wonderful course! And a special thanks for answering my question, feel light and easygoing, part of the normal living - even feel myself smiling as I so often do after connecting with your energies :) It is the kind of inward smile that resides in every cell. I'm in love with life and as you said feeling fears is not 'wrong' and you are right that a total quiet would mightily fast become boring. I am so so very tiered and so very happy. Just want to give you my heartfelt thanks. I look forward to all the upcoming events! You take care of yourselves too now <3 And you too B ;) Such magic.. ahh : ) Lots of love."

"I want to thank you for this course and the magic I experienced within and with you both ... I didn't send questions because ... and this happens since I started to listen to your broadcasts .. always when a question arises in me the answer IS GIVEN ... in one of your following broadcasts ... in the beginning it took a while to recognize the answers .. but more and more the answers are available for me in a very short time ... and as I enjoy this flowing and trusting in the ongoing unfolding more and more ... as more magical it seems to me ... and I LOVE IT !!!! So thank you soooooooooooo much <3<3<3"

"As always, I'm finding the analogies used in these broadcasts so clear. I really like the references to life being like a roller coaster ride or sky diving. During the 7th broadcast, with the discussion about creator vs experiencing as an observer self, I had images of a child planning and building an obstacle course, and then jumping on their bike at the top of a hill and launching down it, experiencing what it's like to ride through the course they set out. The ride might be exhilarating, at times it might be a bit scary, there might be some parts that perhaps weren't thought through as well or overlooked (potholes, loose stones, a plank bridge that isn't secure enough or too narrow to navigate well at speed) that could result in tumbles and pain and need to be refined before the next pass through."

"Towards the end of today's broadcast it was said, "Seek to connect with your home here. Until that is done, do not even consider the problems of the world." Over the past few years, your work has helped me to feel more at home than ever in myself, in our world, and in my heart. And yet I do not experience this home as a permanent destination. There are definitely some days when I live here more than others. When I do experience this feeling of home, I would describe it as a palpable sense of peace and equanimity, no longer feeling any need to change, fix or save the world, knowing the outer and inner world as one, and seeing the beauty and meaning in all of it, including duality, conceptuality, fear, separation, suffering, and even meaninglessness itself. The more I live here, the more I am experiencing openness to the moment, community with beings seen and unseen, intuition, creativity, spontaneity, flow and financial abundance."

"I am already loving it. It's so nice to have Story & Roger together in this course. The new ideas are making my head spin and I am feeling the absolute delight of clarity coming in for a moment at least. The Hermes messages are starting to fall into place now and it is most exciting and leading edge. It was so very heart warming to hear Roger whose gentle voice and calm energy allows me to sort of catch up and chill out after taking in Story's incredible rapidly expanding messages."