The StorySun Shows


The StorySun Shows mp3 collection contains the complete 23 StorySun Shows - total running time 13+ hours. StorySun is Story Waters' future Self who he channeled to create these shows. read descriptions of all 23 shows below.

Running Time: 13+ hours - 23 Shows.

Price: $59

Show descriptions:

StorySun Show 1 (29mins)

Go with StorySun on a multidimensional journey of awareness where he explores our infinite and constant connection to past and future selves/lives and how they are always connected - whether we have the conscious awareness of it or not.

StorySun Show 2 (15mins)
Following on from S-Show 1,StorySun goes on to equate the multidimensional self - with the fearless self - with the awakened self and how it can be powerfully experienced through the effortless flow known as "the sweet spot."

StorySun Show 3 (30mins)
In S-Show 3 StorySun further explores the seeing through the illusion of time, leading to a journey from the one consciousness to the individuation of being through the self-blinding experience of the veil. StorySun reveals each individual's unique pattern, which can be equated to one's "true name" by which you are known to all from the wider perspective.

StorySun Show 4 (29mins)
StorySun takes us through the first of the Messiah Seed amplifications, bathing us in the energy of new consciousness birthing as the light within, the light which we seek.

StorySun Show 5 (28mins)
StorySun begins by reminding us of the masterful maze that is the earth game and shares with us that as we leave the limitation of it, we transform it - unfolding it back into freedom. The focus then moves quite strongly into the energy of acceptance and allowance as it relates to our perception of current realities - how resistance is just another cage, but acceptance and joy in any situation brings the freedom we seek. He then shows that our resistance to any situation really comes from a lack of understanding about the choice of it - and that the choice can be clearly understood when we widen our view of it to the level of collective consciousness.

StorySun Show 6 (28mins)
Following on from Show 5 StorySun clearly focuses on our dreams for this life in a Messiah Seed Amplification. He clearly points us towards the idea that the dream is not a thing or place or a situation, but a self. The dream is a self - and you become your dreams by being yourself - which one effortlessly does when one sees themselves clearly.

StorySun Show 7 (27mins)
In the first of three shows delivered consecutively, StorySun amplifies a text he created with Story the previous day. S-Show 7 looks at how in just living your life you have already achieved the purpose of your life. Here you are invited to transform victim and savior energy in the realization of the creator level of your being.

StorySun Show 8 (35mins)
In the second of three shows delivered consecutively, StorySun amplifies a text he created with Story the previous day. S-Show 8 looks at the relationship between your spirit and your embodied Self, how the difficult conditions of your reality are a choice, and how all realities are connected.

StorySun Show 9 (43mins)
In the third of three shows delivered consecutively, StorySun amplifies a text he created with Story the previous day. S-Show 9 brings together the previous two shows into the realization that your very reality is the manifestation of the One Source Consciousness's love for you. Beyond your victim energy is the experience of your reality as the greatest gift, the greatest love there is.

StorySun Show 10 (45mins)
In StorySun Show 10, there is a continued exploration of merging with the awakened/future self through the simultaneous experience of the two "separate" realities. But as we continue, we explore a third reality being birthed from the integration of the other two. StorySun then goes on to speak about how our beliefs about inequality of the separate realities can keep us locked in the separate experience of them. And this leads us into a very comprehensive, yet simple, exploration of reality in general, including a direct look at the concept of suffering.

StorySun Show 11 (56mins) - listen for free above.
In StorySun Show 11, we experience a unique view of the ever-unfolding line of consciousness which is the flow - the flow that underlies all of reality. What is so unique about this expression is that it is conveyed in such a way that it fits within our current point of awareness in linearity and we see how as we open up our perception, we open up the idea of multidimensionality and that our true freedom lies in our ability to shift this perception.

StorySun Show 12 (29mins)
The intriguing concept of timeline jumping is discussed, leading into an experience of the fluidity of the very nature of non-physicality as we explore the choice of self, present or future, and the space in between being the bridge of transformation leading to awakening.

StorySun Show 13 (32mins)
StorySun speaks of the birthing of consciousness of the gateway into and out of the Earth (the veil of forgetting if coming in) as being simulaneously a state of consciousness, a being, and a place within you - one that is known as the Christ or Bridging Consciousness.

StorySun Show 14 (32mins)
"It has been a joy to broadcast live from the threshold." - StorySun
In S-Show 14 StorySun speaks on the elevation of your dream from the practical into the fantastical, stating "Fantasies are your right." To step into the awakened one is to step into the living of fantasy as reality.

StorySun Show 15 (30mins)
S-Show 15 was the first broadcast from Story and Roger's mountaintop home and the energy runs extremely high as a result! This show focuses on the journey of reality creation - from conception to realization. We look at the illusory quality of that journey and the freedom that arises in that knowingness of the illusion. Finally, we're asked to look at the creation of ourselves and to find the power of seeing oneself through the creative process itself.

StorySun Show 16 (39mins)
S-Show 16 takes an in-depth look at the earth reality system and its unique qualities, especially the integration of suffering. StorySun describes his perspective as being communicated from a point where the transformation has already taken place, but also highlights a triad of consciousness - new earth, old earth, and that which bridges the two - and shows us how the StorySun shows are portals to this state of awareness.

StorySun Show 17 (53mins)
Story (not StorySun) delivers S-Show 17 with a revealing account of a powerful personal transformation that he has just been through in his awakening process. Included is how he sees The Flow evolving and the importance of using Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest in relation to getting the highest experience from being in The Flow.

StorySun Show 18 (27mins)
S-Show 18 is the first show to not be recorded as a live broadcast. It is a fascinating experiential journey through consciousness to a moment of freedom that connects all choice within you and dissolves all masks of identity. This is Story's attempt to convey a moment of awakening and it is recommended that you lay back with some headphones on and allow yourself to be transported.

StorySun Show 19 (48mins)
Story introduces S-Show 19 talking further about what he is currently experiencing in his awakening process. This leads into a powerful description from StorySun about what it actually feels like to step between Earth reality and the wider non-physical reality. This is an advanced esoteric recording and it is recommended that you prepare a suitable space for yourself to be present in to meet the state of consciousness on offer here.

StorySun Show 20 (25mins)
StorySun speaks of the connection between 'the chase' and the primal survival instinct. By seeing what links all loops you can step out of the chase and meet the realization of the wider reality. This show is a further invitation to transport yourself to a state of transformation where you can continue to exit the illusion if that is your desire.

StorySun Show 21 (17mins)
S-Show 21 is a show presented by an ever morphing energy/face/beingness, focused (in a revolving way) by StorySun. The concepts of exploring the human template and the self-chosen complexity we have each chosen to challenge ourselves with are explored. The example of coming to find your personal sweet-spot of downloading and listening to The Flow is used as an example of how you can use The Flow to transform an imprint around 'consumption' to bring more abundance into your life.

StorySun Show 22 (47mins)
S-Show 22 starts out being presented by StorySun with Jane's energy stepping forward at around the 25 minute mark with a potent and personalized viewpoint ... all building to the realization of access to the new world through fantasizing anew. The mass consciousness dream of fame and templates of other beings within us are discussed in relation to this.

StorySun Show 23 (50mins)
StorySun show was broadcast live and was an invitation to identify and choose to face unconsicousness within you. The message offers further insights into the 'change of matter' that occurs through awakening with StorySun illustrating the point using the transformation of Story's personal dream. Are you willing to shatter the shell of your life if that is what you heart is calling you to do?

Running Time: 13+ hours - 23 Shows.

Price: $59.