The Weekend of Lights Retreat

This video was created using the first message of the Weekend of Lights retreat (available below).

This package contains all six sections of the Weekend of Lights retreat in mp3 format.

Session 1 - The Bringer of Light Message
See life on Earth through the perspective of spirit in this incredible journey into freedom consciousness all set to an uplifting musical backing (standard backing version included as well). Let Story take you from the 'I Am' of Source through to the choice to become embodied and enter this amazing world of diversity and experience. Remember why you, as spirit, chose to enter this world. See how you are creating your reality. Learn to unify the levels of feeling, thinking, your body, the world and your experience. See how there is light within everything. Enter the flow of your life and live in effortless abundance by unifying with this incredible perspective of freedom consciousness. You are a Bringer of Light.

The best way to get a feel for this recording is to watch the abridged video above. The abridged version was created predominantly from the first half of the recording (which is 77 minutes). When purchasing you will receive two versions of the recording, one with the standard backing sound and one with the same musical backing as the abridged version. The full version as well as expanding on the abridged version and giving more examples and detailed explanations, all includes more extensive information on Source perspective on this reality, unification through technology, those that choose not to connect with their spirit, the mass healing of wounds, cross-life healing, the scientific view of reality including quantum physics and evolution, why people do not need to connect with your spirit, the wound/fear of religion, and the full 'life is easy' affirmation/incantation.

Session 2 - The Bringer of Light Q & A
In this question and answers section the audience ask many questions that expand on the themes and energies of 'Bringer of Light'. Questions include: Why do we put obstacles in our way? How to get through blocks? Why did Source/'the One' choose to become the many? Why do we choose suffering? Is it resistance if you fall asleep or get tired in channels? In answering these questions Story covers many key areas including: Cross-life connections, the mass acceleration, getting through blocks 101, the void experience, how all experience is relative, famine and debt, Source perspective on suffering, the planetary decision to wake up, the effects of energy work, and archetypical religious wounds. For the final question Story is asked if he has any fears around how some people may react to what he teaches. In response to this Story speaks about his own personal history (including schooling and parents) and relationship with religion, especially in relation to his books. Fear of death is explored with mentions of John Lennon and Michael Jackson. A deep questions and answers section, with some beautiful moments of hilarity with this special audience.

Session 3 - The Full Spectrum Experience Message
"Are you ready to love your physicality like you love your spirituality? The physical and non-physical, are you ready to see the neutrality in them? Are you ready to break down even that duality, and see that all that you see as beautiful in the non-physical is beautiful in the physical? They are two sides of one coin that is YOU." - from The Full Spectum Experience

The Full Spectum Experience goes deeper into the themes of the day explaining the process of coming to unify across all levels of your being in order to live in an experience of harmony and full creatorship. Topics covered include, the collective consciousness of the planet, how you are connected to all lives, the choice to forget in order to expand, loosing you self-definition, seeing how in the eternal now the past can be changed and the future can have already happened, healing other lives, the choice of your belief system and genetics, and why we take on wounds. Story expands on his analogy from the first section of the energy levels within you and how they can come to be divided/compartmentalized, especially how when we resolve one level we then tend to confine ourselves to it as we feel confortable there, but this cuts us off from enjoying the full spectrum of our beingness.

Session 4 - Feeling Everything Message
"The journey through your feeling, is the journey of freedom, of awakening, of hearing the message of your life, realizing the message of your life." – from Feeling Everything

This opening channel/talk from Story speaking from his Universal Self was an impactful experience for many, with it's invitation and encouragement to feel the feelings you have feared feeling, such that you can clear your energy field and live in a freer and more joyful reality. This is a journey into the realization of feeling as the flow of life and releasing what stands between you and your feeling – the release of control. You came to this world to feel it and your chosen definition within it. Whatever it is in life that you like, it is because of how it makes you feel. Other areas covered include: The compartmentalization of feeling that is feared will be overwhelmed. Facing fear of feeling. Putting down the survival instinct from within you body. Opening your energy field and not fearing your body. The way in which fear and excitement are the same. Not being afraid of exploring any feeling that comes up such as prejudice. Feeling the feared unknown. Feeling is the greatest window into seeing Source, seeing Source in all, Source shining out through all. You are on a journey of feeling. Are you ready to feel all of your life?

Session 5 - Feeling/Healing Everything Q & A
This questions and answers section, that came between the Feeling and Healing Everything sections, contains some of the most emotional moments caught in any of Story's recordings. To fully appreciate the emotions that are present it is recommended that you listen to Feeling Everything before this recording to be in a similar space to the audience at this intimate event held in a private home in Los Angeles. Topics covered fear of going into the pain, being hard on yourself for not going fast enough, fear that death leads to nothingness, releasing the polarity of 'precious' as applied to life, owning your happiness around people who don't feel happy, Story's views on faith, opening to magic in your life, closet happy people, the courage to break through the societal silence and name what you are experiencing in people around you, speaking to someone about your feelings associated with them when those feelings are negative, knowing when you are projecting an issue within you onto others, fear that an energetic experience will be too much, getting into your body and how it manifests fears, and bringing your presence to the feelings that arise in your experience.

Session 6 - Healing Everything Message
Healing Everything is the powerful completion to the Weekend of Lights. Story takes the audience on a journey into his most wide ranging energy walk full of visualizations to open, bring flow to, and heal, All That You Are. Addressing all the key areas of the weekend this recording covers, entering the flow, joining with your body, an energetic mirror exercise, using your hands for self-healing, entering a pool of connective energy, holding the Earth in your hands exercise to connect to you choice to be here, feeling the wider state of creation, creating a deeper connection with the loved ones in your life, feeling the energy of love within your body and the golden pool of feeling exercise incorporating a sky full of birds to help you connect with your wider, collective spiritual family.

Runtime: 6+ hours