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28th June

Special Offer: As Story transitions to delivering monthly live classes there is one final opportunity in the next 48 hours (by July 1st) to join the Flow package in its currently expanded form. Full details of the final Flow Offer are here.

27th June

The One Self Teachings Library opens with over 20 hours of recordings added to the One Self Teachings Essays already available on the website. New newsletter started. Visit

10th June

The Technological Meeting Point is a place of unified consciousness that all biological species arrive at through their technology. This clip is from the currently running 20/20 Down the Rabbit Hole Course - registration open here

7th June

The Creative Spark one day event is now available from the mp3 store (include bonus videos) - $30. Enter 'launch15' at checkout for a special 15% OFF launch offer. The Creative Spark was a three session day held in Story's and Roger's home designed to explore and unleash your creative energy. Includes bonus videos. Purchase here.

5th June

Your Time Is Coming - highlight from the first session of 20/20 Down the Rabbit Hole course on multi-dimensionality which just started.

24th May

The Remarkable Retreat - Palm Springs May 2016 is now available from the mp3 store. This is the complete 8 sessions of the Remarkable Retreat recorded in Palm Springs in May 2016. Bonus video downloads of Roger's two visionary art sections and Story's closing section are included. Purchase here.

18th May

Transparent Government & the End of Privacy - An Alien Perspective. Clip from the recent Palm Springs retreat which will be released later this month.

17th May

Perspectives with Seth - Show 30 - Multidimensionality and the Infintie Self available from the mp3 store.

13th May

Perspectives with Seth - Shows 25 to 30 Mp3 Album released. Shows 25 to 30 are now available from our audio store. Listen to an exciting highlight from each show on the album information page.

6th May

Perspectives with Seth - Show 29 - A Good Shovel for Bodies released. Show 29 is Seth's opening message for last weekend's Palm Springs retreat which is a powerful invitation (and experiential exercise) to bury your past and catapult yourself into the future. The full retreat featuring channels from Roger, Domk and Domk's Collective will be released in the audio store later this month. Join the Flow to receive a new Seth Show every week and more! - Full Details.

1st May

Bridge 27 - Your Relationship with Violence released. Story returns to the Bridge Series which will now be released one a month as a part of the Flow. Join the Flow to receive a new Seth Show every week, a new Bridge every month, community and live broadcasts! - Full Details.

23rd April

Let Us See Each Other Clearly released on Limitlessness.Audio for $1. Listen to part 1 below. This broadcast was voted the audience favorite in 2010! Listen / Details.

19th April

New One Self Teaching Essay - Essay Three: Fear, Focus & Free Will now available on Listen to the essay read by Story below.

14th April

Highlights from Perspectives with Seth Shows 13-24. The album is currently available on Limitlessness.Audio.

8th April

Perspectives with Seth - Show 26 - My Contract With You released. In this master class on sovereignty and Self-responsibility Seth explains how his contract with you is to deliver to you the wider perspective on this how this reality works such that you may fully activate your blueprint (intention) for this life. He explains how helping make you more conscious is not the same as helping you become happier and that in this life you are seeking to be 'joyful in consciousness' as opposed to 'joyful in unconsciousness'. This powerful discourse will leave you feeling invigorated to grab back the reigns of your life for fear, apathy, depression and frustration. Join the Flow to receive a new Seth Show every week and more! - Full Details.

2nd April

New Mp3 Store Offer Page launched always featuring a discounted recording - Go to Limitlessness.Audio.

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Story's Monthly Live Classes

Next Class: July 9th - Creating Humanity
Story delivers a three session live online class every month (date varies, always on a Saturday) . These can be purchased individually for $45 each or you can subscribe to them for $30 per month.
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One Self Teachings Library (free texts/audio)

Latest: 20 hours of audio recording added!
The One Self Teachings Library features a series of essays (including a complete teaching summary/overview) being written by Story to convey the core teachings as well as a collection of key audio recordings.
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Story's Mp3 store offers a selection of recordings including Perspectives with Seth Shows, 20/20 Courses, The Bridge of Consciousness, and the StorySun shows. There is always a featured recording offered at a discount.
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20/20 Courses (advanced online 15 day intensives)

20/20 Courses are held three times a year in October, February & June, running for 15 days each with a daily live broadcasts with mp3 download. With an extended intensive focus on a particular subject 20/20 courses offer the opportunity for a profound shift of consciousness.
Next course: The Relationship Elevator - October 1st.

Website of Visionary Artist and channeler Roger Hanson who hosts the Perspectives with Seth shows and co-hosts the 20/20 courses with Story. Story and Roger married and moved to California in 2014.
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Free Jane-Seth Gift Page!

Story has freely released over five hours of key Seth Material on a special gift page where he addresses the question 'Is the Seth that you channel the same as the Seth channeled by Jane Roberts?' Includes mp3 and text downloads of 'The Human Dilemma' and video of Story's emotional first experience of channeling Jane Roberts in the message 'Magnificence through Depersonalization'.
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